Stop! Look, Listen

Stop Look Listen, cartoon for children
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Beep. Beep.
A car honks on the street.
Little Johnny backs up scared. His mother runs to see him.
“Johnny, are you alright?”

Little Johnny nods. “Yes, Mom.”
His mom sighs. “What were you doing?” She asked.

Little Johnny pointed out to a yellow, shiny ball on the other side of the street.
“My ball rolled over after I kicked it in the grass.”
Little Johnny frowned sad.

“Honey,” His mom said. “You need to hold my hand before you cross. You could get hurt.”
Little Johnny smiled and took her hand. “Okay.”

Little Johnny started to walk but a big black car zoomed by. His mom pulled him back.
“Oh dear. That was wrong. What do you think we do first?” She asked.
Little Johnny rubbed his head thinking.

“Do we run right to the curb?” His mom said.
“No,” He shook his head. “We stop.”

“You are right.” His mom smiled happy. “What do we do next?”

“Cross?” Little Johnny said.
“Almost,” His mother replied.
“Hmmm,” Little Johnny thought. “We look to see what is around!” He said excited.

“Wow, you are so smart.” Little Johnny’s mom looked at him proud.  “Why do we look first before we cross?”
“We look to make sure no cars are coming.” Little Johnny replied.
“Excellent!” His mom said. “And we need to make sure to listen for traffic we might not be able to see. If we hear anything coming we know to stay out of the road.

“Can we get my ball now?” Little Johnny asked.
Little Johnny’s mom nodded her head. “First, we need to practice what we learned.”
Little Johnny shook his head. “I need some help remembering. Can YOU help me?”

On the count of three, repeat after me.