Britax G4 vs ClickTight

Britax G4 and ClickTight, Marathon

Britax again updated their line of convertible car seats after G4 models, with a new installation system that uses both the lower anchors and the seat belt, the new models are called ClickTight.

So you must be wondering what are the differences and similarities between Britax G4 and Britax ClickTight convertible car seats, here is your answer.

The first and most important change is the new ClickTight which  is also the new family name of 2015 model Britax car seat like Marathon, Advocate and Boulevard. It is an easy to use installation system which uses the vehicle seat belt for a tight installation. Britax says that the installation is so easy for anyone and the new system will ensure that the car seats will be installed and used properly with just a few steps.


If we look to the new model at a glance, we see that the new ClickTight models will have the features below:

  • The new Britax Marathon ClickTight, Advocate ClickTight and Boulevard ClickTight now comes with the new installation system, as their name make it obvious. The new system is a very easy to use installation system that uses the vehicle seat belt like older car seat models, but they still use the lower anchors too.
  • Britax brings a better version of side impact protection.
  • Like the G4 models ClickTight’s maximum weight limit is again 65 lbs. and it seems we will never see convertibles with 70 lbs. again due to the new federal safety standards.
  • They will have 12-position harness and 2-position buckle which is very easy to adjust and practical to use.
  • The new models come with an automatic level indicator for finding the best installation angle for your car.

Same model of G4 and ClickTight models have same features, that is Britax Marathon ClickTight (CT) has the same features of Marathon G4 plus new features of the ClickTight family.
Here are the  Britax presentations for installing and achieving a tight installation of the new models in three easy step for both RF and FF configurations.

How ClickTight Works

The only available models with ClickTight system are Marathon,  Boulevard, and Advocate ClickTight convertibles.

We will also write detailed comparison of  Marathon G4 vs ClickTight, Boulevard G4 vs ClickTight, Advocate G4 vs ClickTight as soon as we have time for now you can read our Britax Marathon ClickTight review here.

For more information you can also visit Britax’s website.

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A Brief History of Britax Marathon

You might already know  is one of the leaders in child safety products with their experience of 70 years in mobile safety and child safety products such as Britax Marathon car seat.

There’s little question that Britax has been one of the most  innovative companies. The company had a 70-year of innovation history,  that changed the child safety standards such as; Versa-Tether and True Side Impact Protection.

In this post we want to show you the timeline of the popular Britax Marathon convertible car seats so that you can see the change and the added features over the years since 2002.

The first Britax Marathon Car Seat (2002)
The first Britax Marathon Car Seat (2002)

Britax launches the  first “MARATHON” convertible car seat with LATCH in August 2002. It was the first  Britax high-weight capacity seat for children up to 65 pounds. It was only one months later that LATCH anchors became a standard.


In 2004 Britax called their new seat as Marathon G1, late in 2004 they launched Marathon Crimson, sorry for the picture quality but these are the only we can find.

Marathon G1
Marathon G1
Marathon Crimson-CS-2004
Marathon Crimson (2004)



In 2005 Britax’s Maximum weight limit was still 65 lbs.

Marathon-65 (2005)
Marathon-65 (2005)


Here is a very popular model of the Marathon car seat: Marathon 65-G3.

Marathon 65-G3 (2006)
Marathon 65-G3 (2006)


You must have recognized the pattern, it is very similar to Cowmooflage which you can still see on many car seats.

Britax Marathon (2007)
Britax Marathon (2007)


Britax redesigned their line of convertible car seats including Marathon so that it came equipped with SafeCell Technology from that day.


Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat
Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat (2013)



In 2014 the Marathon G4 comes with many changes and the most important was the weight limit drop, now the maximum wieght limit is again 65 lbs.

Britax Marathon G4 (2014)
Britax Marathon G4 (2014)


Not available in the stores yet but Marathon ClickTight is about to be launched, it has many features specific to this model, you can read our Marathon ClickTight review for more information.

Marathon Clicktight
Marathon ClickTight (2015)



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Britax Marathon ClickTight Review

Marathon CT ClickTight

The Marathon CT, ClickTight  convertible car seat from is a 5th generation car seat from Britax with top notch safety standards and the new ClickTight feature which deserves a detailed review from us. In fact, it is an upgraded version of the Britax Marathon G4 with some updates and improvements.

The Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat comes with many easy to use features without compromising on your child’s safety or
The first feature highlighted in Britax’s website is the new ClickTight system with is called CT in short. Its purpose is to solve a very simple but common problem with car seats, make the car seat to install as easy as possible while making it more safe with the vehicle seat belt. The new Click Tight system is designed to install the seat as tight as possible using the vehicle seat belt in both RF and FF configurations with confidence, but you can still use the LATCH system if you want. It is now available at Amazon.

Safety Features of Britax Marathon CT

The new Marathon CT is safer than ever with SafeCell Impact Protection which surrounds your child in safety and Complete Side Impact Protection that shields your child in a protective shell designed to absorb side crash forces. Some other safety features remain same and many of them have been improved after the previous model. Also the car seat has an energy absorbing base to absorb crash energy and counteract forward movement which becomes a standard with the Britax seats. See price at Amazon.

Other Features

Marathon CT comes with a seven position recline and what’s more the automatic level indicator adjusts for your little one’s comfort while ensuring the best installation angle for your car. As the previous G4 model you have the EZ-Buckle System that keeps buckles and straps out of your way when you are trying to place your child in the Marathon CT. I don’t know if we have to mention but the cover is easy to remove and clean, and there are six fabric options: Cowmooflage, Prescott, Rio, Twilight, Verve, and Vibe.

Marathon CT comes with 6 different fabric options

So What about the Specs?

Here are the all specification you must know to make sure that the Marathon CT is suitable for your child and your vehicle.

  • Rear Facing Seated Weight limits: 5-40 lbs.
  • Rear Facing Seated Shoulder Height limits: 16.95 inches or less
  • Forward Facing Seated Weight limits: Child must at least 1 year old. 20, up to 65 lbs.
  • Forward Facing Seated Shoulder Height limits: 16.95 inches or less
  • Seat Area Depth and Width: 10.5 and 11.5 inches
  • Shoulder Width: 16 inches
  • Harness Slot Heights: 8.5 to 17.7, there are 12 positions, each with a .85 inch. increment
  • Buckle Strap Depths: 5.25 / 7
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5W x 23.5H x 23D inches

See all the specs here.

marathon-ct-forwardfacing marathon-ct-rearfacing


The Britax Marathon CT is a very safe child car seat with an important new feature called Click Tight, which makes installation very easy for everyone. It comes equipped with many safety features to protect your child better than other car seats and previous models in case of a side impact. You can be sure that your little one will be safe when the seat is installed correctly, which is very easy with the Click Tight system. The Britax Marathon ClickTight is well worth the money to know that your child is being kept safe with the state of the art child safety seat technology.

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Britax Marathon G4 vs Pavilion G4 vs Boulevard G4 vs Advocate G4

Britax Marathon G4 vs Pavilion G4 vs Boulevard vs Advocate G4

If you want to compare Britax Marathon G4,  Pavilion G4, Advocate G4, and Boulevard G4 here is a quick comparison for you to learn all the differences between them.

Let’s start with Marathon G4 which is the most famous convertible seat of Britax for the last few years, it is also the best way to define differences of these three car seats for us.

A newer version is now available, you can read more about it here, or read reviews from parents by clicking the image below.


Marathon G4 models have all of the features that pavilion and advocate have except:

  1. True side impact protection type
  2. Click and Safe indicator feature
  3. Super thick chest pads

Please don’t get it wrong, Marathon also has similar features but not exactly the same, for example Marathon of course has side impact protection but this the inside the cushion. Advocate and Pavilion models have also  have extra head protection.

Marathon has also a different version of super thick chest pads than other models but it is still %100, safe.
The Click&Safe indicator means that when you strapped the harness correctly you will hear a click sound, this feature is missing in Boulevard and Marathon.

When we compare G4 line of seats the one with all the feature is the Advocate G4 model, it has a bulky addition in the head area for more safety, this is the only difference between the Advocate and Pavilion.

So if you want to sort these car seat with ascending number of features we have this order ( basic to advanced):

Britax Marathon G4

Britax Boulevard G4

Britax Pavilion G4

Britax Advocate G4


You can also read our previous post about the G3 and G4 differences here.



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Britax G3 vs G4 Car Seats, What are the New Features?

Differences of G3 and G4 car seats from Britax

So you want to compare Britax G3 vs G4? As you may noticed Britax updated their line of car seats with a new series called G4. The previous models were called G3 models.

Many parents who want a Britax convertible want to be sure if it is worth to buy a G4 model rather than a G3 model which is slightly cheaper. So here we try to put the differences between these two lines of car seats.

The G4 Britax Convertibles will have:

  • Weight limits are now 65 lbs, which are 70 lbs. in previous models, (i.e. Marathon-70 G3, Advocate-70 G3). So weight limit of G4 models is 65 lbs. This, first seems to be a disadvantage but in fact most children reach the height limit before they weigh 70 lbs. so no problems here.
  • A new infant insert is designed for G4 family of car seats for children up to 22 lbs.
  • The HUGS design is redesigned, now it is more difficult for children to push down.
  • The G4 models comes with color-coded to easy identification of car seat type .

So these are the new features, the other features are same for same models. For example Britax Marathon G4 has all the features of Marathon 70-G3, plus new features of G4 seat and weight limit is 65 lbs.

Again Britax Advocate G4 has all the features of Advocate 70-G3, plus new features of G4 line of seats with a weight limit of 65 lbs.

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