What’s So Special about DECT Baby Monitors?

DECT Baby monitorDECT baby monitors operate on a  frequency of 1.9 GHz and this voice technology may not be found in other baby monitors that usually function on 2.4 GHz and come encrypted. Baby monitors using 2.4 GHz are great and their encryption make sure that when your neighbor (or you) pick up her cordless phone she will not be able to hear your baby’s voice. However, one disadvantage of 2.4 GHz monitors, would be that there may be other gadgets (wi-fi routers, cell phones etc.) at home which works on the same frequency and could meddle with your baby monitor.

On the other hand, DECT Monitors with 1.9 GHz uncommon frequency have their best advantage. It’s highly doubtful that you might have other gadgets at home that function on the same frequency and several studies including a test conducted by the consumer report have concluded that a DECT baby monitor and phone operating on the same frequency does not interfere with each other.

Features of DECT Digital Baby Monitors

  • Extended range – this might be a problem for most baby monitors because you want to hear your baby from any corner of your house, but with some regular baby monitors it is not possible as the sound fades away as you move further from your baby. With DECT you need not worry anymore as they can give you a guaranteed range to hear your baby from whenever you want.
  • Two-way communication – While you may find this kind of feature in some baby monitors, DECT digital baby monitor gives you the same advantage on a 1.9 GHz frequency. This means that the communication will be clearer and you will not find any other wireless devices interfering in the communication.
  • Temperature display – a great feature which you would love, as you can be sure how your baby feels and whether you should be keeping her more warmth.
  • Lullabies – this is a great relief for parents who are on their busy schedule and may not be able to attend their kids when they wake up in the middle of their sleep. The lullaby feature on most DECT baby monitors can help your baby feel more secure and can make them go back to sleep.


The Philips Avent is the first company that introduced a DECT Digital Baby Monitor, and so is one of the best setting brands available in the market today.

Is DECT Digital Baby Monitoring The Right Choice For You?

If you are sure that you need a baby monitor, but do not want any other wireless gadgets in your home to interfere with your communication, a DECT Monitor is the right choice for you. There are numerous DECT Digital Monitors available in the market and most of them cost a little over $100. Safety 1st has high-definition baby monitor with DECT technology for $60 which makes this device more affordable. DECT Baby Monitors can definitely be considered as an investment as it pays high rewards in the long run, and can keep you trouble-free when it comes to communication interference.


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