What Is a SIDS Monitor?

SIDS Baby MonitorSIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) has been studied to be one of the leading causes of death in the United States between babies aged one month and 6 months. Although, SIDS cannot be called as a disease or illness, rather it is a diagnosis when a child under one year dies suddenly without any concrete causes. An alarming rate of approximately 2,500 deaths have been reported by SIDS in the US each year, 90% of such cases involve infants below six months. While researchers have spent the last three decades on learning what causes SIDS, we still have no definite answer to this question and believe that it occurs when a baby has an undiagnosed problem regarding breathing, heart or arousal.

Is It a Necessity for Every Parent?

SIDS baby monitors are like any common baby monitors but with a difference of examining your baby’s breathing pattern. Unlike regular baby monitors, a SIDS Monitor can alarm you when your baby’s breathing becomes irregular or stops, so that you can take your baby to the hospital as soon as possible. SIDS baby monitors are available in video or audio model and they are a better choice compared to regular monitors as it can save your baby’s life in case of an emergency.

If your baby has been suffering from breathing problems or health issues, a SIDS monitor would be a safer option as it can monitor your baby regularly and make sure of their safety. Most of these baby monitors are not advertised as SIDS monitor, but as regular monitors with an alarm system. Hence, you need to be very careful what you were shopping for your baby monitor and choose the one that has SIDS alarm listed on its description.

Among all the popular brands available in the market for SIDS Monitor, Angelcare had been known to be the most popular with its high sound detection system which makes it easier for parents to know if their baby is safe or not. The device has a speaker with lights that illuminate according to your baby’s cry, and in addition has a movement sensor detector which alarms the parents, should there be no movement.

Moreover, it also comes with a baby mat that needs to be placed under the baby’s mattress so that it can detect the baby’s movement and pass on the signal to the transmitter with the help of a cable. If there is no movement the baby mat triggers an alarm after 20 seconds, so that parents can rush to see what’s happening with their babies. This system can help parents rush their babies to the hospital in case of any emergencies.

Yet another brand which is at par with Angelcare is Philips, as they too have a number of baby monitor system specially made for SIDS signals. Having a SIDS baby monitor is always a safe option for parents with babies under 6 months, as it gives the baby good rest and parents some peace of mind to know that their babies are constantly monitored.


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