Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Seat

It is very important to ensuring the safety of the children in the car while traveling. Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of a potential accident hazard, we use special car seats for children, and law requires all children travelling in cars to use the correct child restraint until they are either 53 inches in height or the age of 12. After this they must use an adult seat belt. There are very few exceptions, and the main ones are set out below.

The most important criteria when choosing a car seat for your child, the seat height, weight, age, and of course a car seat that is suitable for your vehicle. Seats in automobiles come in many different shapes and sizes.  Not all car seats will fit in every car.  It is important that the car seat you select fits in your car with little problem. Also you should replace it with the one that suits when your child grows. When buying a car seat also bring your child and try the car seat so you will find the most appropriate one.

Things to consider before and after buying a car seat:

  • Make sure to buy an appropriate certified seat. If a car seat is sold in the United States, it must first pass federal crash tests.
  • You must read the car seat manual very carefully. If you are not sure about something read it again, and sometimes the best is to get help form a professional like a car seat technician.
  • Before travelling with your baby or child check if the belts are tight enough.
  • Do not buy or use, used car seats or a car seat that has an accident in its history, or use one of the seat belts are worn. It is not recommended shopping for a car seat which is older than two years. Make sure that the car seat did not involve any accident, but do not take the seller’s word for this. It is not always possible to verify such information but if you find the seller to be suspicious, do not buy the seat.
  • Choose car seats with 100% cotton fabric. Also try to get a one with a easy to wash cover.
  • If you are traveling alone with your child, set the location where you can see her in the mirror easily.
  • Choose the car seat by your baby’s height and weight. Infant seats that face to the rear can only be used to about 20-22 pounds.