Britax G4 vs ClickTight

Britax G4 and ClickTight, Marathon

Britax again updated their line of convertible car seats after G4 models, with a new installation system that uses both the lower anchors and the seat belt, the new models are called ClickTight.

So you must be wondering what are the differences and similarities between Britax G4 and Britax ClickTight convertible car seats, here is your answer.

The first and most important change is the new ClickTight which  is also the new family name of 2015 model Britax car seat like Marathon, Advocate and Boulevard. It is an easy to use installation system which uses the vehicle seat belt for a tight installation. Britax says that the installation is so easy for anyone and the new system will ensure that the car seats will be installed and used properly with just a few steps.


If we look to the new model at a glance, we see that the new ClickTight models will have the features below:

  • The new Britax Marathon ClickTight, Advocate ClickTight and Boulevard ClickTight now comes with the new installation system, as their name make it obvious. The new system is a very easy to use installation system that uses the vehicle seat belt like older car seat models, but they still use the lower anchors too.
  • Britax brings a better version of side impact protection.
  • Like the G4 models ClickTight’s maximum weight limit is again 65 lbs. and it seems we will never see convertibles with 70 lbs. again due to the new federal safety standards.
  • They will have 12-position harness and 2-position buckle which is very easy to adjust and practical to use.
  • The new models come with an automatic level indicator for finding the best installation angle for your car.

Same model of G4 and ClickTight models have same features, that is Britax Marathon ClickTight (CT) has the same features of Marathon G4 plus new features of the ClickTight family.
Here are the  Britax presentations for installing and achieving a tight installation of the new models in three easy step for both RF and FF configurations.

How ClickTight Works

The only available models with ClickTight system are Marathon,  Boulevard, and Advocate ClickTight convertibles.

We will also write detailed comparison of  Marathon G4 vs ClickTight, Boulevard G4 vs ClickTight, Advocate G4 vs ClickTight as soon as we have time for now you can read our Britax Marathon ClickTight review here.

For more information you can also visit Britax’s website.