Should You Let Your Baby Cry It Out?

Should You Let Your Baby Cry It Out?
There has been a lot of debate in the subject of should you let your baby cry it out. Both sides claim that they are doing right and some doctors support letting the baby cry it out while others think that you should not let the baby cry it out.
Letting the baby cry out means when you put the baby down for a nap or for bedtime that you will not go back in and comfort the baby if he or she starts to cry. Instead of going into where the baby is crying you will let the baby cry it out and let the baby fall asleep of its own freewill teaching the baby how to go to sleep on its own. Many doctors believe that this is the best way to train your child to sleep.

However the opponents of the baby cry out method say that letting the baby cry can actually cause problems for the baby later in life. Problems such as insecurity and anxiety when the child gets older can come from not being held or picked up when crying. Some mothers believe that as soon as baby cries you should pick up the baby and make sure that you console the baby quickly. Some doctors also agree with this method as do many mothers.
Since you are the mother it will be your choice to allow your baby to cry it out or to pick up the baby to comfort it. You can ask the opinion of your doctor as well as your family members to see what they would do. Advice from another mother would be great as well especially if they have experience in either method.

If you do the cry it out method there are several things that are suggested. First when you put your baby down make sure that the baby is as calm as possible and make sure that the baby has comfortable clothing on. Some mothers use soft lighting or musical items to help baby relax. In addition to doing these things it would also be wise to invest in baby monitors. The baby monitor will allow you to hear the baby and whether or not the baby cries it out. It will also allow you to hear if the crying gets worse. If the crying gets worse it is always suggested that you check on your baby to make sure that it is not in pain and that nothing is wrong with the baby.

Choosing either method should be your choice after you have heard the advice of your doctor and the advice of others. If you are going to let baby cry it out it is strongly recommended that you keep a close eye on baby with baby monitors so that you can be sure that your baby is safe and ok all the time.


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