Natural Ways to Sooth a Fussy Baby

Fussy Baby



Having a fussy baby is something that every parent will have to deal with sooner or later. The baby can be fussy because of gas, not feeling well, being too hot or too cold, or having some other issue. There are many natural ways to help soothe your baby and calm your baby down.


Going to a warm bath can make any baby feel better no matter how fussy that baby is. Make sure that the water is warm but not too warm for the baby. If you like to use all natural aromatherapy products in the room such as lavender to help calm the baby down you can do so but remember not to make the aromatherapy too strong for the baby as it can make the baby feel worse. Make sure that you gently wash the baby and let the baby play in the bath for a while to help calm nerves and soothe the baby. After the bath rub your baby down to make sure that they are nice and dry, and apply lotion. This should help the baby to calm down.

Swaddling and Carrying

If your baby is extremely fussy you can try swaddling. Swaddling is where you wrap the baby up snug and secure much like the baby was in the womb. This has been show to help some babies become calmer and less irritated. In addition to swaddling you can also try carrying your child around. Being in your arms being bounced up and down can help the baby to calm down. You can also invest in a sling to help carry your baby around without hurting your arms and it will also allow the baby to hear your heartbeat helping to comfort your baby even more.

Going Outside

If your baby is old enough you should take the baby outside for some fresh air. Sometimes removing the baby from his or her surroundings and giving the baby a little sunlight and fresh air can help the baby calm down and sooth themselves down. If they want to stay outside for a while consider getting your stroller out and taking your baby for a walk around your yard. This can help the baby to calm down and feel better faster.
Using natural methods to sooth your child is best and usually the only way to calm a baby down. If however you think that something is bothering your baby make sure that you call your doctor as soon as possible. If something seems dangerously wrong take your child to the nearest emergency room. If your child is just fussy with no fever or any other problems try the above listed soothing measures and if you still do not get the baby calmed down then call the doctor.


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