Keeping Your Child Safe in the Car

Baby  Car Safety

Keeping your child safe all the time is the number one goal in your life when you have children. You do not want anything to happen to them and you would do anything to protect them. In addition to safety everywhere else including the home you must make sure that your child is always safe in the car. Cars can be damaged by wrecks and if your child is not in a properly latched car seat your child could face serious injury or even death.


Steps to Keeping Your Child Safe

First and foremost it is the law that you must keep your child in a safety approved harness car seat. Most areas expect you to have your child rear facing until the age of 2 or 3. Some moms even keep their kids rear facing for even longer than that for safety concerns. You will want to pick out a car seat that is safety registered and of good quality. Be careful where you purchase your car seat from as some of them may be recalled and may have something wrong with them. While many think that it is ok to purchase a used car seat you may find yourself dealing with problems. It may be that the car seat has straps that are worn out or the it could be out of its expiration date. If a car seat is past its expiration date it is too old and needs to be thrown away. Using a car seat past its expiration date could lead to malfunction and injury. Always purchase a good quality car seat that is in date and that will have no problems in the future.

After you purchase your infant seat or convertible car seat you will want to make sure that it is installed correctly. If you do not think that you have installed your car seat correctly make sure that you go to one of the car seat checking facilities in your area. At these facilities they will check it for you and make sure that your car seat is installed properly. During this time they will also show you how to make sure to buckle your child in properly. Many parents will simply latch the straps lower on the body and this is not safe. You can also find videos and instructions online on how to properly restrain your child in a car seat.

Other Tips to Maintain Safety

In addition to maintaining a secure car seat you should also keep your car clean and free of any objects that could become airborne. Make sure that you also have child locking windows as well as a childproof door to make sure that the child will not have access to opening the window or the door. Following these safety tips will help keep your child safe and your mind at ease.



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