Keep Your Baby Happy While Traveling

Sometimes we travel with our little ones and keeping them comfortable in their car seat is something challenging, here are a few tips for keeping your baby happy when you hit the road.

Keep Baby Comfortable

Your baby can get warm in his/her car seat because of the plush padding and fabric so periodically check that baby isn’t too warm.

Keep Baby Company

Babies get bored easily, especially when they are in the back seat facing backwards in their convertible car seat. Some it is good to one of the parents to play for a while, when your baby is bored.

Play Music or Sing!

Play your babies favorite songs. With a good melody your baby will more enjoy the trip. Also you can sing to your baby, and don’t worry if your voice is not as beautiful as Celine Dion.

Plan your Trip

Baby will need to be fed and changed so remember hungry baby means unhappy baby.

Get a Comfortable Car Seat

If you do not have a car seat yet, try to get one that is comfortable for your baby. Convertible car seats like Britax Marathon 70, the Britax Boulevard 70, provide both comfort and safety at the same time.

Happy baby in car seat

Cute and happy baby in car seat during travel

Cute and happy baby in car seat during travel

Baby in car seat during travel


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