Is It Safe to Use a Used Car Seat – Biggest Parent Question Answered!

What is the most attractive thing about used car seats? It’s the prospect of massive saving you can make. In certain instances, a used car seat is not necessarily something you bought from a third-party, but it could be the one used by your elder child. It’s common for parents to reuse car seats with their younger children but how safe is this practice? Some seats have mandatory regulations about the safety of car seats and one of them deals with the age. Many experts do not recommend using the car seat older than six years as it gets weakened with age.

Car seats are very identical to plastic. Just imagine that plastic dustbin kept outside the whole time: as years pass by, its structure weakens and the bin breaks. This is the same with car seats too; with several years of usage, car seats usually do not have the strength to hold up and ensure the necessary safety for your child. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not shop for a used car seat, but do it only if you feel that the deal is worthy and safe for your baby.

Right Occasions to Use a Used Car Seat

If there is no significant difference between your elder and younger one, you can consider using a used car seat provided that it was never involved in any accident. The advantage of using a used car seat is that you already know the history of the seat. Similarly, there are some instances when you can find a good used car seat on the Internet. However, practice these safety tips:

  • It is not recommended shopping for a car seat which is older than two years.
  • Make sure that the car seat did not involve any accident, but do not take the seller’s word for this. It is not always possible to verify such information but if you find the seller to be suspicious, do not go on and buy the seat.
  • Do not buy a used car seat that come from an unknown brand. A used car seat is good if it’s manufactured by a good company and has followed strict safety regulations.

Recommendation – Is It Good to Buy a Used Car Seat?

While it is not always best to buy a used car seat, this is not a recommended method either since a used car seat can sometimes put your child’s health in danger as it’s not always possible to verify the quality of the product you buy. Follow this approach only if you find an irresistible deal and your child’s safety is not compromised. There should be a significant saving on a used car seat. If it’s not the case, and you think you cannot hit a good deal, consider buying a brand-new car seat since you are 100% certain that your child is absolutely safe with the brand-new car seat.

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