How to Select a Nanny Safely

Nanny with baby

When it comes time to hire a nanny for your child you will want to make sure that you hire the best nanny you can. This person will be close with your children and will be taking care of them so you will need to make sure that you find a nanny that is great and has no problems. A lot of parents are scared to hire just anyone because of recent news stories but there are many ways that you can check out a nanny to make sure that he or she will treat your kids well and make sure that they are well taken care of.


When you start the process of hiring a nanny you will want to make sure that you conduct thorough interviews with each nanny that you are considering. Ask many questions including their past job history, qualifications, any problems they have, and ask them how they would be the best nanny for your children. If you think you may forget to ask a question be sure to write a list of questions to ask and make sure that you make each nanny fill out an application.

Background Checks

Once you conduct your interview and are considering choosing a nanny to make sure that the nanny is great for your kids you will want to make sure that the nanny is not wanted by the law or has had former problems such as abusive or having an arrest record. Conducting a background check is very easy with the help of the internet. For a low price you will be able to check the nanny’s background and see if there is a potential problem. If the background check comes back great and you like the person you can hire them. If the background check comes back for things like abuse you will know that the nanny is not the right nanny for your child.

Baby Monitors

If you hire a nanny and you are unsure of how the nanny will act around your child be sure to invest in baby monitors that can record. These baby monitors will act as nanny cams and allow you to hear all that was said during the time spent with your children. Some baby monitors will even take video and if you discreetly place the monitors the nanny will never know she is being monitored by you. Monitoring your nanny can help ease your fears about any problems that may arise at your home and with your nanny. Be sure that if something does happen that you do not like that you handle the situation immediately and if there is any case of abuse that you report it to your local law enforcement immediately.
Keeping your child safe is the most important thing in the world and making sure that the nanny will take care of your child just as you would is very important.



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