How to Prepare Your Child for a New Sibling


Having more children is a great thing and if you have a child already you will get to explain the joy to your child about his or her new brother or sister. There are many ways that you can help prepare your child no matter what the age for a new sibling.


When you decide to tell your child that you are expecting make sure that you explain it at an age friendly level. Be sure to talk about the baby a lot and tell your child the importance of being a big brother or big sister. Explain to the child that you will love and care for them no matter what but now you both will have to share the love with a new sibling. Show your child the sonogram pictures and tell them that this is there new sibling. Some people even decide to include the child at the doctor’s appointments and all the festivities that include anything about the baby. Doing so will help your child get well acquainted with the baby before it is born.

Clothing and Fun Things

When you tell your child that he or she is going to be a big brother or sister it is a great idea to have something there to signify this event. A shirt that says I’m going to be a big brother or sister is great as it gives the child something and shows them that being a big brother or sister is very important. You will also want to include your child in decorating for the baby. If you are going to have a nursery let your child help decorate the nursery. If your baby will be in your room allow your child to help sort through things that you may have purchased for the baby and allow your child to get to know where the baby will be sleeping and staying. Include your child in as many things as you can including shopping for baby.

After Baby is Born

When the baby is born have your child brought to the hospital or if you have a home birth allow the child in as soon as possible so that they can begin to bond with their new sibling. Doing this will allow your child to get to know their sibling and help them feel at ease. Some parents give their child a gift after the birth so that they can associate the birth with great things. Make sure that you let your child touch and even hold the baby if possible and make sure that you explain over and over that the baby is his or her sibling. The more you talk about it and the more you show the baby to your child the more your child will understand and bond especially if it is an older child.



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