How to Keep Your Baby Safe in the Sun

How to protect children from sun
Every parent wants to make sure that they can take their baby out in the sun but they want to make sure that while that baby is out in the sun that they can keep it safe from harmful rays and getting sunburnt. Some people think that you cannot take your baby out in the sun at all but this could not be further from the truth. With appropriate safety measures you can take your baby out in the sun with no problems.

Clothing and Gear

If you want to take your baby out into the sun there are several things that you can do to help protect your baby. Clothing is one of the most important things for your child to wear. Make sure that your baby wears comfortable and loose fitting clothing if it is during the warmer months. Make sure that you have as much skin possible covered so that skin is not affected by the sun’s rays. Also include a hat or bonnet for your baby to help protect the head from any sun. In addition to clothing you can also get a stroller to put your baby in. Get a stroller that has a canopy that comes over the baby. When you want to take your baby out in the sun you can do so by using the stroller to help protect your baby. Another thing to keep in mind is to try and keep the baby in a shady area. Shady areas will help keep the sun’s rays to a minimum so they are less harmful to your child.


If you want to have added protection for your baby you can also use sunscreen. Make sure that the sunscreen that you use is hypoallergenic and make sure that your baby will not be allergic to it. If your baby is very young you will need to talk to your doctor before starting to apply sunscreen on your child. If you want to make your own all natural sunscreen you can do so by using zinc oxide which has proven to be effective against the sun’s rays and in preventing sunscreen. However before using the all natural sunscreen make sure that you speak with your doctor first.
If you do everything that you can to prevent your child from the sun’s rays your child should not get burnt. However there is a small chance that some part of your child’s skin may get slightly burnt. Make sure that you watch your child closely to make sure that you move the child if you see that it is in direct sunlight. If you find that your baby has been burnt you can use aloe vera to soothe the area and to aid in the healing of the sunburn.


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