Do You Have a Small Car? 5 Best Car Seats for Small Cars

How to choose a car seat for small, compact carsBeing a parent does bring a whole lot of responsibilities, and of all the things you’ll buy for your baby, one of the most important accessories is a car seat. When it comes to car seats your first confusion would be whether to put your little one in a dedicated seat or choose a convertible variation. However, numerous studies have shown that choosing a dedicated infant seat is a safer choice than a convertible car seat, as it provides a better fit for your newborn and make them comfortable on your long drives.

If you have a small car choosing the right car seat can be quite challenging as there are numerous child seats with variants for special purpose. Once you plunge into the shopping spree for car seats you might find options ranging from – booster seats, harnessed toddler seat, built-in seats, convertible seats and seats for children with special requirements. Until your child reaches the age of four, you will have to go through an array of changing options, before your little one is ready to use the vehicle’s safety belt.

Here is a list of 5 best car seats for small cars:

  • Safety 1st Air Protect Infant Car Seat – this car seat has side impact protection technology which keeps your baby safe on bumpy rides, and can carry 4 to 35 pounds with 32 inches in height. This rear facing car seat has a customizable insert with low harness option so that you can adjust the seat according to the height as well as your growing baby. It also features an ergonomic designed handle and is built with one click installation system.
  • Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat – if you are looking for a convertible variation, here is the Graco convertible car seat with rear facing position, it carries up to 40 pounds, meets the US safety standards, includes side-impact technology, has a five point front adjusting harness that helps your baby get easily in and out.
  • Chicco KeyFit 30 – this has a five point harness system with a front adjuster and an anti rebound base that helps it stay fixed in the car. In addition, it has a storage compartment in the base, good EPS foam covering and can carry a maximum weight limit of 22 lbs.
  • Cybex Aton – this is one of the easiest infant seats that you could get in the market and has almost every possible option like – five point harness, anti-rebound base adjustment, reclining editions, EPS foam, harnessed pad and up right handle. This is the right option if you want something for compact vehicles.
  • Britax Marathon Car Seat – the brand is known for its safety products and this particular car seat has true side impact protection technology. The seat is perfect for kids who are not ready for the traditional car seat, but are too big for the toddler type seats. It’s an easy to install comfortable car seat with five point harness system and can carry your baby to 70 pounds! This is FAA approved and made 18lbs. Read about one of the best convertible car seat from Britax here: Britax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat Review

Choosing to buy a baby car seat right before your baby arrives is always a good idea, so you have plenty of time to make sure that it fits your car, it’s practical and will make your baby comfortable on long rides. Choosing a baby car seat and installing it correctly can be quite challenging as most parents experience problems at one point or the other. Hence, it is imperative to carefully read the manual for both your car as well as the car seat such that you can administer all kinds of safety.



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