Common Car Seat Mistakes

Child sitting backThe National Safe Kids Campaign in Washington has alarming stats to report – at least eight out of every ten car seats are incorrectly placed that lead to severe risks of accidents and injuries in toddlers, thus, undermining the purpose of installing a car seat in your vehicle. Are you one of those parents who are installing and buckling up their infant and convertible car seats wrong? Find out.

Is your seat placed at an incorrect location in your car?

You must ideally position your car seat as away from the active air bags in the car as possible. Do not place the car seat in the front, and if you have no other choice, then ensure that you either deflate the air bags or install a power deployment in the case of an airbag failure. While at the rear, make sure your infant seat is installed in the middle and not near the door, to prevent injury risks.

Is your car seat too loose?

After installation, if you can move your car seat for more than an inch towards the right and left sides, then your seat is not tightly placed. This is a mistake many parents make. You have to ensure that your infant seat is put in a place with the locking intact, resulting in the seat being firm and immovable, protecting your baby in the wake of a car crash.

Are you incorrectly harnessing your child on the car seat?

If your method of buckling is slack, with a lot of free place for your baby to move about, it can result in fatal injuries during car collisions and sudden braking. You must ensure to completely follow the instructions listed in the Manual and use all the harnesses to put your toddler safely in place. No loose ends must be maintained in the car seat at all. There are locks at the waist and shoulder harnesses that must be put up to avoid discrepancies of any kind.


Is your car seat reclining at a wrong angle?

Contemporary car seats, these days, come with adjustable reclining and slouching mechanisms to put your child in either the resting or sitting position. In the event of inaccurate reclining, your baby’s head can flop forward and cause injuries to the neck or the spine. Consider placing a towel heap at the bottom of the seat to prevent slumping of the seat at the front or back, especially during awkward drives in bumpy roads.

Is your baby too small to be put in forward-facing seats?

Many parents look to put their kids into forward-facing car seats before they reach two years of age and attain the required height and weight. Do not be one of those. During the first two years of your baby’s life, the spinal cord is still developing. A rear-facing seat will absorb most of the load on your baby, while a forward facing seat will transfer loads to your baby’s back, leading to malformation and cerebral divergence.

Have you checked with the history and safety of your car seat?

This is another mistake that young parents make, with the view to either buying the cheapest car seat available at the store, or second-hand car seats from people they know. Do not go in for a car seat whose history you are unsure of. You must make sure that your car seat has all the accessories in prime working condition before you decide to install it in your car and expose your kid to it. And above all, do not use your car seat as a crib in your house. Also it is very vital to pay attention to recall notices, you can visit this page to check if a car seat has been recalled.


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