Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat

There are so many car seats and features available today that it may seem overwhelming to find the right one for your child and your family. When looking at different websites you can even find conflicting information about some seats. Doing a lot of research, I tried to narrow the choices down to find the best seat for my child. The Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat was a clear winner. Here’s my review of the Triumph that may help you make your own choice.

The Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat

Safety Features

This seat is constructed of EPP or expanded polypropylene foam, which is the top rated material used in the automobile industry. It is rigid, durable, and extremely proficient in absorbing and withstanding a tremendous collision.
Also the straps on this car seat are very easy to adjust. If it is too complicated or time-consuming to make car seat adjustments, then we may not tighten them correctly every time. If it cold or hot outside, or if we are in a hurry, we may not take time to re-thread and adjust the harness properly to be sure the straps fit. On the Evenflo Triumph, the strap adjustment is quick and easy to be done right every time.


If your child is not happy riding in the car seat, then everyone riding in the car will also be unhappy. The Evenflo Triumph has extra plush padding and a large, roomy seat. It’s like a mini-recliner for the baby to ride in. Many customers who switched from a rear-facing seat to the Evenflo car seat said that their child finally stopped hating their car ride. They love the comfort and feel of the Triumph.
Also, because the seat sits up high and is big, your baby can look out of the window. He will not feel confined and claustrophobic. When children can see well outside the car, they can learn the alphabet game or “I spy with my little eye” game. This has made our car trips much happier experiences.

Easy Strap Adjustments

Evenflo Triumph Advance infinite harness adjustment, read our review to find out moreThe Evenflo car seat comes complete with the Infinite Slide system which lets you change the height of the harness by easily sliding its red tabs down and up. You don’t have to re-thread anything. This not only saves lots of time but also reduces the possibility of not positioning it properly.
Also, the 5-point harness system tightens easily with a speedy turn of the Tension Right knobs one on either side of the car seat. This gives me confidence that my child’s seat will be adjusted correctly every time he rides in the car. No matter if he is wearing a bulky coat or a swimsuit, the 5-point harness system will be properly adjusted around him each time.
The red tabs tell exactly where you should place the straps on your child’s shoulders, so you are not confused and feel at ease that your precious little one is safely secure in his Evenflo Triumph during your trip.

Is Evenflo Triumph Advance Easy to Install?

The Evenflo Triumph has connectors that work with the LATCH system, to make securing it in any newer car very easy. If your car is older and does not have the LATCH system then setting this car seat up for the first time will take a little longer. But once it is secured in your vehicle, it will be as solid as a rock. Click here to see the price.

Pros & Cons


  • The Evenflo Triumph costs about half as much as the similarly rated Britax model.
  • The mechanism for adjusting the harness height and tension is one of the easiest to use and most reliable systems for sale today. There is no need to get to the back of the seat for adjustments and no need for constant re-threading of the straps.
  • You can be assured of a proper fit of the shoulder harness at all times because the Infinite Slide harness height adjustment makes it right every time.


  • Red marks on your baby’s neck indicate that the straps are set too tall and should be lowered a notch. Quilted strap covers can also be bought for a small price to solve the problem.
  • The only other problem reported is that the straps may get twisted. This can be fixed by attaching Velcro to the straps.
  • This car seat is very popular and is often out of stock.

Our Review: Clear Winner

The Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat is a clear winner. No car seat is completely perfect, but the Evenflo Triumph is tops in safety and ease of use. It also costs a lot less than similar Britax car seats.  It is made with expanded polypropylene foam, a top rated material used in the car-making industry. It is durable, able to absorb bumps and even withstand a collision. This seat is very easy to adjust. Features such as the Infinite Slide for height adjustments, and the Tension Right harness to fit snugly around him, make the Triumph fit your child correctly every time. The Evenflo Triumph can be attached using the LATCH system in newer cars or using the automobile’s seat belts. This model is a good value and I would recommend the Evenflo Triumph as a car seat for your child. Click here to see the price.

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