Britax Marathon 65 Convertible Car Seat Review

Britax Marathon 65

The Britax Marathon 65 could possibly be the finest convertible car seat on the market today.  This convertible child car seat can be used from a newborn until the child weighs about 65 pounds. That’s a lot of use from one car seat investment. The seat should be used facing to the rear when the baby weighs between 5-35 lbs.  Then turn the child around to ride in the forward facing position when he is from 35 to 65 lbs. This will last the average kid until they are in first grade.  To safely use the seat, the height limit is 49 inches, and the shoulder height while seated can reach up to 16 inches.

The Britax Marathon 65 car seat measures 19.5 inches in width and approximately 25.5 inches high in the back.  It’s a large, sturdy seat. If you have two Britax car seats on your back seat, then your whole seat is full. The Britax will not budge at all once it is installed.

Attenion:  There is a newer version of this car  seat, the Britax Marathon 70 convertible car seat but Britax Marathon 65 is still available and very popular.

Is The Britax Marathon 65 Easy to install?

The Marathon illustration instruction manual is very complete and easy to read.  It has actual photos, and not confusing line drawings which are hard to understand.
Some other seats take a lot of muscle and brute strength to install them correctly. The Britax installs like a dream.  After purchasing a Britax car seat, parents who at first had an inferior brand of car seat, said that wished they had bought the Britax at the beginning.  Mothers love the Britax Marathon because it is so easy for them to install.

Easy Strap Adjustments of The Britax Marathon 65

The straps can be adjusted easily with the center lever in the front which loosens and tightens the harness. This feature is very helpful to have when your baby is sleeping.  You can loosen the straps and slide your baby from the seat without causing her to wake up when bending her arms to get them out from the straps.
Another clever feature, which is found only in Britax child car seats, is Velcro on one side of the straps.  This is useful for sticking them out of your way when you are putting your child in her car seat. It’s common with other models of child car seats to have to “fish out” the seat straps from underneath your child.  Just a little bit of Velcro makes all the difference in getting into the seat faster and easier.
The Britax Marathon requires that you re-thread the straps through a higher shoulder harness slot as your child gets taller. You will need to take your car seat out of the automobile to get to the back.

The Britax Marathon 65’s Comfort for Your Baby

If your baby is quiet and comfy, then the whole car is happy.  The Britax Marathon 65 is a big seat giving your child lots of room. He doesn’t feel locked in and confined, but will feel comfortable and relaxed. The seat is like a recliner with mattress-like padding.   Your child will like riding in his big boy seat and will probably fall asleep along the way.
Many customers have given thanks for the Britax Marathon turning their screaming, horrendous road trips into quiet, peaceful rides. You want a comfortable seat when you are in the car and so does your kid.  This seat sits higher than some seats letting your baby look out of the window.  This entertains him, stops his crying, and makes the whole driving experience more pleasant.

Britax Marathon 65 Fabric Options

No more head jerking

When the Britax is used facing the rear your baby’s head is held securely back against the seat.  On many seats the baby’s head is constantly jerking and rolling because there is not enough padding to support it.

Complaints about The Britax Marathon 65 Convertible Car Seat?

Children are growing taller at an earlier age today and some customers complained that their child outgrew the Marathon 65 too quickly. If you want a seat that your child will not outgrow as quickly, take a look at our Britax Boulevard review which is a more roomy car seat and accommodates taller children.
Another complaint was that the dark seat fabrics of the Britax Marathon 65 tend to get hot during the hot summer months if the car is parked outside.

The Britax Marathon 65: Our Review

The Britax Marathon 65 is perhaps the finest convertible car seat available today. It can be used for a newborn facing backwards towards the seat and facing forwards to the front of the car until the child is about 65 pounds. The Marathon is a large and sturdy seat and takes up a lot of room in the back seat. It may not be the best for a compact car. The manual has clear instructions and actual pictures of the installation. It installs easily without a lot of muscle needed. The straps on this one adjust easily from the center front and Britax has added a bit of Velcro on each strap so that you can stick them out of the way when putting your baby into the seat. A very simple, yet clever idea! All Britax car seats are good investments and the Marathon 65 is the best of the best.

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