Recaro ProRide Convertible Car Seat Review

The Recaro ProRide convertible car seat was developed for maximum durability and safety by a company that manufactures airplane seats. Here is a detailed review of the design and features of the ProRide car seat to help you decide if the Recaro ProRide is the best car seat for your baby and your family.

Recaro Proride Convertible Car Seat

Higher Standards in Safety

Recaro had an excellent record for safety, long before their child car seats became available in the United States. The ProRide shows their strict adherence to safety standards. The ProRide’s deep side wings protect your child in case of a side impact collision. They are easily adjustable and provide your child with a soft place to rest her head when riding on long trips. See current price.

With the ProRide’s 5 point harness system, you can be sure that your precious child is securely restrained. The harness is adjusted from the front by maneuvering the harness strap and metal lever located beneath the flap. Its height is repositioned by turning the control knobs on either side of the seat. You do not need to rethread the straps, since it is adjusted by the head restraint.
This seat is also approved by the Federal Aviation Administration so you can use it on an airplane in either the rear-facing or forward-facing positions.

Ease of Installation of Recaro ProRide Convertible Car Seat

Recaro Proride DimensionsThis seat can be used with the LATCH system, or if your car is not so equipped then you can use the ProRide’s lockoff system and the vehicle’s normal seat belts. A top tether, used with the seat facing forward, is kept in a seat pouch. The tethers for the LATCH system can also be stored away when not being used.

The ProRide’s installation is very easy. The manual is clear and precise with pictures for each step of the installation. The Recaro ProRide has the push-on type of LATCH connectors instead of the hook types. It takes only minutes to install using the LATCH system and fits safely and securely into your car.
Using the seatbelt method will take longer to install because the belt path is a little narrow. However, you will still be able to get a tight, safe fit.  See current price.

Fabric Maintenance

Fabric options for Recaro Proride Convertible Car SeatThe Recaro seat is covered in beautiful plush flame retardant fabric. The sides are covered in mesh to give the seat ventilation. The cover is easy to clean with baby wipes or fabric spray and paper towels. Or the cover can be removed and hand washed. Follow the instruction manual which shows how to put the cover back on correctly.
The seat comes in several rich colors; some gender neutral, some colors for boys, and a lovely pink hue for little girls.

Base and Recline

The seat on the Recaro ProRide convertible car seat reclines. You can install it back in a deeper angle when rear facing, giving your baby a bed to sleep in when traveling.
The ProRide’s base helps to level the seat. This base is a part of the regular car seat installation.

Our Review

The Recaro ProRide Convertible Car Seat sells in the medium price range. Its safety features and assurance of quality makes it worth the price. It was designed for maximum strength, durability, and safety by a company that makes airplane seats. Recaro is known for safety, and the ProRide car seat is no exception. It has large side wings to protect your child’s head, and a front adjustable 5 point harness to hold her securely. If you use the LATCH connectors to install it takes only minutes; a little longer if you connect using regular seat belts. The Recaro seat cover is plush and flame retardant. It comes in several rich colors suitable for any child. This seat reclines, giving your baby a bed to sleep in while traveling. The Recaro ProRide is a safe, comfortable car seat for your baby, and a smart investment.  See current price.

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