Britax Marathon 70 Review

 Britax Marathon 70 Carseat Review

Britax Marathon 70 car seat is the next generation convertible car seat modeled after the popular Marathon 65 and has lots of improvements in both the design and safety features. This car seat can be used as rear-facing for babies weighing 5 to 40 lbs. and forward-facing for children who weigh up to 70 lbs. So the Britax Marathon 70 is designed for maximum comfort and safety for either a newborn or a toddler.
This new model is equipped with new safety features to maximize protection, especially against head injury. So here are the key points.

Safety of Britax Marathon 70

The Marathon 70 car seat is designed with latest road safety features and technology like SafeCell and Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether. If you search about these features you will Britax Safe Cell Technology - The MARATHON 70 features SafeCellslearn that they will ensure maximum protection for your child in case of a front impact collision. One other important thing is the Marathon 70 has been built with integrated steel bars, which increase its adherence to your car and reduce the forward movement of the seat in case of a frontal impact.

The Britax Marathon Convertible Car seat has also extended side walls in this version to prevent head better. The new design also uses black EPP foam, which is a higher grade and is less likely to crack than the white EPS foam used in older models.

Is the Britax Marathon 70 Comfortable for My Child?

The fabric used in the Marathon 70 is soft and plush like so your child will love it. It has also a Britax Marathon 70 Comfort Featuresdeeper seat than most of its competitors, so your baby will have more room and support. Also additional features, like high-density comfort foam and belly pad are great for your baby.

The 3 reclining positions will also help your baby to feel comfortable at any stage, but there are a few points to remember; the most reclined position must be used in the rear-facing position, and when it is forward-facing, the middle and most upright positions may be used. It is not only comfortable for the baby but also for taller parents who drive smaller cars because it takes up much less room in the car than most car seats so they can sit comfortably without the need to move the driver’s seat too far forward.

Is it Easy to Use?

One of the greatest improvements of the Marathon 70 is the way that you adjust the harness height. You’ll simply squeeze the handle at the top of the headrest and move it up or down a track. I did it with one hand, and it was a breeze. Two crotch strap positions allow you to get Britax Marathon 70 velcro straps holdermore years of use out of this seat than its prior model. You will move the crotch strap to the more forward position as your baby grows. All moms were also impressed that they don’t need to uninstall the Marathon 70 car seat to remove its cover when it needs to be washed in case of spills and leaky diaper. It features a simple hook-and-loop system to make it simpler and easier for them to remove the cover.

Britax Marathon 70 Harness Adjustment

Another Marathon 70’s great improvement that amazed the parents is the height adjustment of its harness that can be done with just one hand. All it takes is to squeeze the top of the headrest’s handle while moving it down or up the track. With other car seats, you’ll be required some muscle to perform the same adjustment.


The best things about the Marathon 70, using the latch connectors, which come standard in recent cars, installing the seat is really easy in both positions. The whole installation process is very helpful, fast, and straightforward no guesswork, just follow the steps in the manual.


Good and Bad Things About Britax Marathon 70


The Marathon 70 has exceeded safety standards and is highly rated by car seat technicians, firemen, and independent consumer rating agencies.
This seat has one of the most user-friendly systems of adjusting the harness heights of all the car seats I have seen. (It can be done with just one hand!)
You will get many years out of this seat from the time your child is a baby until around first grade since it has a high upper weight limit of 70 lbs.


The seat is large, bulky, and heavy, like all convertible car seats. If you’ll be carrying it through the airport and into rental cars on a big trip, be sure to practice weight lifting in advance!
It is pricier than some other convertible seats with similar features like the Evenflo Triumph Advance convertible car seat.


2 thoughts on “Britax Marathon 70 Review

  1. I registered for the Roundabout. It seems like a better option for smaller vehicles.Of course it has some limitation. We first wanted the Marathon 70, but it seems to need more space. What do you think is there a considerable difference in size?

  2. Hello,
    My daughter is 1 and 1/2 years old, and I am looking for car seat and probably a convertible one to use many years, we also live in a rather hot city so the fabric is very important too. I like both Britax Marathon and Boulevard, but have a fairly small car (2008 Toyota Corolla), so do you know those will fit in our car. And which one has a more breathable fabric?

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