Britax Roundabout 40 Convertible Car Seat Review

Britax Roundabout 40 Convertible Car Seat

If you are trying to pick the best car seat for your child and for your family, it is difficult to sift through all of the brands and models of car seats that are available today. Which one has all of the features that you need? Which is one is the safest? Which has the most comfort?
If you own a small compact car and need a child car safety seat that will fit in it, but still has a high safety rating and feels comfortable, then the Britax Roundabout 40 convertible Car Seat may be the one you are looking for. It has the identical comfort that many of the bigger models have. You can use it facing forwards or backwards, yet it still fits in your small car. It adjusts and grows with your child until he is ready for a booster chair. Even though this model does not have a booster seat, it is great for a newborn in the rear facing position and fits a child up to about 40 pound when installed facing forwards.

Note: There is a new version of Roundabout 40, the Roundabout 55. You can read our Roundabout 55 review here.

Safety First

The Britax Roundabout does not compromise on safety. This seat has all of the safety features available in the larger car seats on the market today. The seat’s deep padded sides offer side impact crash protection and also add comfort for your baby. Foam surrounds and pads the frame and the shell of the car seat, absorbing any shocks from big bumps and even flying projectiles when an accident occurs. This is what a child safety seat is made for, to protect your child. If you are involved in an accident and if the insurance company does not replace the car sear, then you may return the damaged seat to the Britax company for a full replacement. No other company offers this kind of service.

Easy Adjustment of Straps

The straps of the harness fit comfortably and securely holding baby firmly in place. The center front buckle adjustment lets you loosen the harness speedily when you need to remove your child in a hurry.


It is also easy to load your child quickly into the seat without making him get too fussy. For those parents, who like me, often take their crying baby for a ride in the car to put them to sleep, this is an absolute must.
As your baby gets taller, you must re-thread the straps of the harness through the higher slots to match the child’s shoulder height.

Ease of  Installation of Britax Roundabout 40

If you will not be moving the car seat from one vehicle to another very often then you may wish to utilize the latch lock system. This system attaches the seat directly to the automobile mounts made especially for use with car seats. Most new car models come equipped with the LATCH system. Look in your automobile manual for instructions on how to use the system that comes with your car. The Britax Roundabout attaches to the LATCH system in just a few minutes. Be sure to read over the instructions for more information on this installation technique. Installing the car seat to directly to the vehicle makes the Britax car seat much safer for your child. It will not shift or move around like other car seats installed with the seat belts only. Proper installation makes all of the difference in the car seat’s safety.

A Comfortable Ride

Even the safest and easiest to use car seat will be no good if it is not comfortable to the child. A baby will be fussy when the seat is hurting him. The Britax Roundabout 40 Convertible Car Seat is very comfy. It has lots of extra padding and a headrest that can be adjusted to fit any size child. It can go easily from newborn to toddler simply by taking out the included extra padding. The easy release allows it to go into a reclining position without waking up the child. The child will be happy riding in this seat, and when the child is happy, the parent can be happy too.

Final Words, Our Review

The Britax Roundabout 40 Convertible Car Seat is a great choice if you own a small compact car. It may be small, but it still has all of the safety features of a larger model. It can be used facing backwards for infants, and then facing forwards for larger children up to 40 pounds. The seats are deeply padded for your baby’s comfort and the padding also adds protection in the event of a side impact collision. Foam is used to surround the frame and shell of the car seat. The straps are easily adjusted with a center front harness making it easy to get your child in and out of her seat. The Roundabout can be attached to the LATCH system in newer cars or can use the car’s seat belts. Overall the Britax Roundabout 40 is a safe and comfortable choice of child car seat, especially if you have a small car and don’t have the room for the larger models of car seats.

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