Britax Marathon vs Britax Boulevard

We received many questions from confused parents about the difference between Britax Marathon and Boulevard, they do not know which one is better. In fact we can’t say that one is superior to other, it is all about your needs and your vehicle.

Here is our side by side comparison Britax Boulevard and Marathon and we hope it helps.

Update 2014: These car seats are now unavailable, please see the newer versions; G4 or ClickTight models which are the current models.

Britax Marathon vs Britax Boulevardvs

Britax Boulevard vs Marathon

The most important difference is the design of the head-wings. The Boulevard 70 has larger head-wings for side impact protection than the Marathon 70.
Although there aren’t any official safety standards for side impact protection, the head-wings can make the seat any safer, but many parents stated that their children do not like the side wings since the wings reduce their baby’s view a little. This is very important, if your child refuses to use it there is no meaning to have this extra safety feature. Britax states that their independents tests have shown that these head-wings reduce energy during side impact collisions by about 50%.

Note that, Britax tests their car seats at a higher speed than other brands. Also the deeper seat on the Boulevard seems to make the car seat a better option for smaller children.

Another difference is the space they occupy in the rear facing position. The Boulevard in the rear-facing position, need a bigger room due to the extra width of the head-wings.
And the last thing to mention about the Marathon 70 is that it has a higher harness height. If you have a taller child it will last longer before your kid outgrows his or her car seats by shoulder height.

Now you know the difference between the Boulevard vs. Marathon. We can tell you that both are top-rated car seats with great safety features and the choice is yours.




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