Britax Car Seats

Britax Car Seats

Britax Car Seats – 70 years of Safety for Children

For 70 years, Europeans have been able to protect their children and keep them safe while travelling in vehicles and for the last 16 years, Americans have had the same opportunity. Britax makes four different types of car seats for children, from infants right from birth to very large elementary kids.

The four types are:

  1. Infant Car Seats; that are also compatible with Britax strollers. They ride rear-facing for infants up to 30 pounds if necessary.
  2. Convertible Car Seats; they start out rear-facing up to 40 pounds and then can be switched and converted to forward facing car seats for the one year old that is at least 20 pounds all the way up to 70 pounds.
  3. Combination Harness – 2 – Booster Car Seats; These start out as forward facing car seats for two year olds that are at least 25 pounds, up to a maximum of 85 pounds, then can be converted to a simple booster seat that is compatible the vehicle standard shoulder and lap belts. The seat on the booster can be raised or lowered for proper alignment.
  4. Booster seat; Good for children 40 pounds to 120 pounds, with a height of 38 inches to 63 inches tall.

Britax has five testing facilities, and every model is thoroughly tested and improved to be the safest car seat available. They work closely with automobile manufacturers, to make sure they are compatible with all car manufacturers and provide the safest ride.

Not only is Britax interested in healthy children’s comfort and safety, but they have a strong hand in providing the proper seating and safeguards for disabled and physically handicapped children also with special needs. Their car seats are marketed through another branch called The Snug Seat, Inc. At present there are three models for handicapped children; The pilot, The traveller plus and the Hippo.

Some popular Britax Car Seats  by 2012 are  Britax Boulevard 70 and the Marathon 70 , which can fit your child from birth to 70 and Britax Roundabout 55 which can be used up to 55 lbs.

Here is a short video from the Britax company, about their new generation car seats and safety features.



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