Britax Advocate 70 vs Britax Boulevard 70

Advocate CS vs Boulevard 70If you’re wondering about what are the differences between the Britax Boulevard 70 convertible car seat, and the Britax Advocate 70 here’s your answer.

Britax Boulevard vs. Advocate, which is better?

  • If you are confused which one to buy here we are with a quick comparison that will aid you with your selection.
  • The Britax Advocate comes with side “air bags”. These pillows are designed to absorb energy in case of a side impact collision.
  • The side pillows also protect the person sitting beside the car seat, preventing them from injury by the car seat itself hitting them during a crash.
  • The Britax Advocate 70 CS is a bit more expensive than the Boulevard 70 CS. Here you can see and compare the prices at Amazon.
  • The side impact cushions on the Advocate are thicker which offer extra protection for your child, which also makes the car seat wider.
  • The Advocate’s CS feature clicks to let you know that the harness is fastened properly but some car seat experts do not recommend the Click and Safe feature which because they think it can give parents a false sense of security about the harness.

Overall, the Britax has a great recognition among parents and both convertible car seats are great and both are very safe seats, perhaps the safest that money can buy. Both are simple to install with the LATCH system in newer cars, or with the tether system securing it to a stationary solid object such as a seat leg.



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