Benefits of Using a Video Baby Monitor

Many new parents are wondering which type of baby monitor will work best for them. Is a traditional monitor that lets you hear baby in another room going to really give you piece of mind when it comes to your baby’s safety? Maybe there really are more benefits to using a video baby monitor than a traditional one. A video baby monitor lets to hear and watch your baby in another room, giving you better peace of mind. Most video baby monitors have full color displays and a low light or even night vision setting to allow you to keep a close eye on your little one from a distance and some can even be viewed on a mobile device to check on baby while attempting a date night out.

The basic video baby monitor comes with a camera, or two, that you can position in baby’s room and a monitor that is portable. You can keep the monitor on your bedside table to watch baby sleep at night, or keep in close by while you work around the house and baby naps or plays quietly. Video baby monitors can function with rechargeable or disposable batteries and plugged into an outlet. A video baby monitor can also come in handy watching older siblings around baby. You can make sure your 3 year old isn’t going into the room to wake baby up to play or that your 5 year old isn’t trying to pick up baby from the crib.

Video baby monitors have different features from brand to brand or model to model. The Motorola Digital Baby Video Monitor model MBP33 comes with a two way microphone that not only lets you hear baby, but also lets baby hear you. You can hush baby back to sleep via the microphone in the monitor or even choose to play one of five preprogrammed lullabies. That feature really comes in handy if you are sleep training baby and don’t want to have to get up to put him back to sleep throughout the night.

The iBaby Monitor for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad comes only with a camera and allows you to use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as a monitor. Baby’s cries or movement will send an alert to your device and you can even rotate the camera using a mouse. You can monitor baby from up to 4 mobile devices, making easy for both mom and dad to be on alert. Your mobile device also acts as a two way radio and has available night vision. Another bonus feature lets you snap an image of baby to send to family or upload to a social networking site. There are also another video baby monitors for iPhone such as iPhone Baby Monitor With Y-Cam Wifi Webcam (read details), which is a really great gadget.

The benefits of using a baby video monitor, no matter which brand or model, are that it offers you better peace of mind, lets you communicate with baby, lets you watch without waking baby, and can provide a much better alert than a traditional one way sound monitor. A video monitor can quickly help identify if there is a problem with baby that needs attention such as seeing your baby gagging because threw up. It’s much more effective than hearing a gag and running in to see that baby is just drooling from those new teeth coming in. The real benefit of using a video baby monitor is that it may just calm some of your new parent worries and let you get a little extra rest knowing that you can see baby in the next room and everything is alright.


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