UPPABaby Vista Stroller Review

There are so many different strollers for sale today that it is difficult to know which one to choose for your baby. I have the answer for you. There is one stroller that has all of the features that you want in one package. The UPPABaby VISTA stroller is smart, good-looking, and easy to use. It is all that your family needs in a stroller.

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Why is the UPPABaby Vista better than the competition? It’s very simple. It has everything you could want in a stroller and more. The UPPABaby Vista can carry your newborn baby on his first walk in the stroller up until he is ready for preschool. Unlike many other popular strollers, like the Mountain Buggy or City Mini, you don’t have to buy separate attachments, like a bassinet or toddler seat. The UPPABaby Vista comes with both a bassinet and a toddler seat feature.


The Vista has the ideal bassinet to carry your new baby safely and comfortably from birth though six months. It has an organic mattress, lined with soybean fiber and cotton. It is safe for your baby and also safe for the environment. It has a sunshade to protect your little one from harmful UV rays on sunny days and a thick, warm, removable cover to use when it is windy.

Toddler Seat

The toddler seat can be used for children three months and older. It reclines flat so that your child can take a nap in his seat and be supported properly. Once your baby can hold up his head well, he will love sitting in his seat and watching the world go by. You can put the seat turning out or facing in towards you, whichever you want. This is an unusual feature that most other strollers do not have. A small flap on the back of the canopy opens to allow you to see your baby while you are walking with the stroller seat facing out. The seat reclines in four different positions. You can adjust it to the position that you and your child prefer.

Folding and Storage

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller FoldedThe UPPABaby Vista folds up in one simple step. It will fold with the seat still attached, although not with the bassinet attached. This stroller is sturdy, but a little heavy, so if you have to get it in and out of your car several times a day, you may want to go with a lighter stroller. It takes up very little space when it is folded. Unfolding it and setting it up again is a snap, literally. Just pick it up, pull on the handlebar until it’s in the right position, and listen for the click.

Storage Basket

This stroller has a huge storage basket under the seat. The basket is perhaps the largest on the market today. Spacious and easy to access, it can hold your diaper bag, purse, or even your groceries. It is truly a useful feature.


UPPAbaby Vista Stroller has large wheels.The wheels are made of rubber and foam, and should never go flat. It has sturdy, large back wheels, and smaller front wheels. With these wheels, the stroller can take stairs easily. The wheels are made to pivot in all directions for maneuverability. You can turn sharp corners with ease. When you are jogging or walking over rough terrain, you can lock the wheels so that they do not swivel.

RumbleSeat Accessory

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller RumbleSeatThe RumbleSeat is a great accessory that turns your Vista stroller into a double stroller. It’s a lot less money than buying a new double stroller when the second baby is due. The Rumble Seat snaps onto your stroller and makes an extra seat for a baby at least six months of age sitting in an upright position. There are several different ways to put the stroller and RumbleSeat together so that your toddler and baby can both ride comfortably and safely.
The RumbleSeat weighs less than five pounds, and won’t make the stroller too heavy for you to push. Your toddler will ride safely and securely in the RumbleSeat with its five-point harness. It has a sunshade and an additional rain cover too. Some customers complain that it is more difficult to push the stroller when the RumbleSeat is attached, but that should be expected when you are adding the weight of a second child. This option is a lifesaver, especially if you have limited storage room.

PiggyBack Accessory

If you need to add room for a third child on your stroller, you can install the PiggyBack accessory. It is a board that you can attach to the back of the stroller. It lets a child stand on the board while you push.

Pros and Cons of UPPABaby Vista Stroller


  • Your child can ride facing in towards you or out to see the world
  • Seats can be changed easily, from bassinet to car seat to toddler seat
  • Lots of accessories. Many come standard.
  • Comfortable for both the child and the parents
  • Stylish and attractive appearance
  • Superior quality
  • Made in the United States


  • Heavy and hard to lift in and out of the trunk
  • Bassinet doesn’t have a rain cover
  • Expensive, although reasonably priced when compared to similar deluxe strollers

Now you know why we like the UPPABaby Vista so much.  It has everything you could want in a stroller and more. The best thing is, the UPPABaby Vista stroller comes with both a bassinet and a toddler seat feature without any extra cost.


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