Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller

Jeep Overland Limited Jogging StrollerOne of the few exotic strollers that let you and your baby enjoy great music when you are out jogging, the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller has the iBaby feature that lets you plug ipods, walkman players, CDs, and the radio. The pneumatic tires provide great suspension and a comfortable ride for the baby, while it is easy for you to handle the bulky stroller thanks to the swivel wheels that are provided. All in all, the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Strollers are a great commodity to have, if you have a toddler who’s too small to walk and yet craves for visits to the park.

Product Specifications:

Available in myriad colors for you to choose, the stroller dimensions approximately 31 x 31 x 13 inches and weighs a little less than 30 pounds. It has fixed front wheels, superb braking systems that use pneumatic pressure and suspension to cushion your baby from impacts, and the robust handling bar makes maneuvering the stroller a delight. The stroller also has a harness, is ergonomic, comes with an iBaby fixture, and consists of parent trays and enormous storage space. What more could you possibly need in a stroller?

The Pros:

  • Focusing primarily on safety, the stroller is replete with a five-point harness system, straps, tethers and other strap-on devices that ensure complete security for your child even on bumpy tracks.
  • The stroller has air braking, pneumatic controls, suspension, efficient steering and swivels in place that make it possible for you to effortlessly stroll your baby around the park. You also have pedometers and adjustable handles.
  • The seats in the stroller are well padded on all sides, and are easy to clean too. You can recline the seats to whatever angle you want, making your baby either sit or rest comfortably.
  • There is an adjustable canopy in place for protection against the sun and the rain.
  • The stroller has heaps and heaps of storage space for you to stow anything you want. Plus, the baby has a lot of room to stretch and move about.
  • The stroller comes replete with parent’s trays, letting you keep your water bottles, car keys, purses, mobiles, and other tiny accessories.
  • You also have the iBaby system at the stroller with a plug that lets you connect your mobile, ipod, ipad, walkman, and listen to songs on the go.

The Cons:

Though the stroller is a quintessential delight and a must have for families with health freaks and toddlers that frequent the park, it has a few defects that must be endured. No stroller is perfect – but, this one is near-perfect if you can turn a blind eye to some of these cons.

  • The front wheels are fixed and there is no swivel facility available on them. This makes it difficult for turning and maneuvering on country roads and narrow by lanes.
  • The maintenance part also is a hassle for a few people who have trouble folding and assembling the stroller.

Overall, the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller is good value for money and is a great product to have.

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