Graco LiteRider Stroller

Your life is about to change drastically with the arrival of your new baby. You are so excited! But admit it; you are also a bit overwhelmed. You may feel weighed down with the thought of all of the added responsibility you will have taking care of your child. Just leaving the house will be a major production. Think of all of the supplies you will need: diaper bag, diapers, baby wipes, bottles, and several changes of clothing for the baby. Then you will find out that the diaper bag is quite light in weight compared to the car seat and stroller you will also need to take with you. Graco is very much aware of the extra weight, and the strain it can put on parents. That is why the Graco LiteRider Stroller  was created.

Graco LiteRider Stroller review

Lightweight LiteRider

Graco is very much aware of the extra weight, and the strain it can put on parents. That is why the Graco LiteRider Stroller and Car Seat Travel System were created. These baby items are designed to reduce and eliminate any unnecessary weight that you will need to carry on your family outings. Graco has long been a well-known maker of quality baby strollers. They know all about portability and mobility, and they have designed their stroller to make your trips as simple, easy, and enjoyable as possible.
Just as its name implies, the Graco LiteRider is perhaps the lightest full-sized stroller available today. It weighs only 17 pounds. It pushes easily, almost like a dream. You hardly need to push it; just direct it and it will roll smoothly on its big wheels where you want to go.

Folds for Easy Storage

The stroller’s handle is at a good pushing height (40 inches from the ground). People of all heights, under 5 feet to over 6 feet, should feel comfortable pushing the LiteRider. The easy “squeeze and turn” folding mechanism on the handle, can be operated with just one hand. When it is in the folded position, the stroller can be stood up, or you can lay it flat. The latch automatically holds the stroller closed once it has been folded. It is very compact when in the folded position, and it fits in most car trunks with no problem. In vans, SUVs, or other cars with large trunks, you can stand the folded stroller up and have lots of room for groceries. Some people report that they put the stroller in their car’s passenger seat for easy access or when they have a lot in their trunk.

The Graco Basket

The Graco Literider BasketOne of the best features of the Graco LiteRider is the gigantic Graco basket. You can carry everything you need: purse, diaper bag, groceries, and more. It all fits! For easy access, the basket drops down so that you can get things in or out of it easily, even when the stroller seat is in the fully reclined position.
The tray at the top of the stroller is great for the parents. It has two cup holders (one for you and one for your baby), and a useful holding tray that is perfect for storing your keys, cell phone, sunglasses, and anything else you need on your walk or shopping trip.
There is also a tray for your child, which is great for holding snacks or toys. A cup holder is built in to hold their sippy cup or bottle. It’s also serves as a security bar to keep your active toddler from climbing out of his seat. Some kids like to sit on the edge of the seats to look out of the stroller and they dangle their arms over or hold on to the tray for support. If you don’t like the tray, it can be easily removed.

Other Features

Your child can either sit up in his seat or the seat can be reclined flat when it’s time for a nap. It is simple and easy to change the seat up or down. Just push the side tabs to lay it flat and give it a push to set it back up again to the upright position.
The stroller has a shading canopy to protect your child from harmful UV rays. The canopy has a peek-a-boo window which can be opened or closed, so that you can keep an eye on your baby while on your walk.

Graco LiteRider Swivel Front WheelsThe Graco LiteRider comes in soft neutral colors and some cute, adorable patterns. It’s cheerful, looks great, and is easy to keep clean.

This stroller has large and strong wheels for a smoother ride. The front wheels swivel to give the stroller better maneuverability or they can be locked when pushing over rough terrain such as stones or sand.

The LiteRider has a standard 3 point harness. This is actually much easier to put your child into than a 5-point harness, and it is just as safe.

Compatible Snugride Car Seat

The Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat is compatible with this stroller. It clicks in place quickly so that you know it is secured correctly. Your baby is safe for the ride and you are ready to go. The Snugride is tops in safety standards. It has passed the highest level of crash tests, and is made of EPS foam that is energy absorbing. Its 5-point harness and supportive neck and head cushions protect your baby each time he rides in this seat. The car seat comes in matching patterns and colors to coordinate with the stroller. You and your baby are moving in style and convenience.


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