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Choosing the best stroller for your child is an important task, and you should take many factors into consideration when making this decision. Many people just go with a brand name product, even if it is more expensive, read our  Chicco Liteway Umbrella Stroller Review to see why this is wrong. If they had done more research and were better informed, they would find that they could get a similar product with all of the same features and the same quality for a lot less money. See price at Amazon.

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A Lot of Stroller for Less Money

The Chicco Liteway is an example of this. It has features similar to the Maclaren series of strollers (Maclaren Quest, Triumph, and Techno to name a few), but the Chicco Liteway costs a lot less. It also has many additional inventive extras. Check price at Amazon.


Chicco Liteway Stroller Revies WheelsThe Chicco Liteway is very stylish. This stroller stands out from the rest. The Liteway has slim front wheels with a sleek and narrow build. It has elliptical tubing with attractive solid colors. There are no busy fabric patterns that hurt the eyes. Comparing the Chicco Liteway to other similar strollers is like comparing a Greyhound to a St. Bernard. Taking your child for a walk in this stroller makes you feel like you are walking with class.



The strong aluminum frame on the Chicco Liteway adds durability and stability. It is guaranteed to last and you can use it for every child in your family.

Comfortable ride

This stroller has many conveniences that make your child comfortable and the ride enjoyable. It is easy to carry, very maneuverable, and folds up to take less storage room. The seat can be adjusted with just one hand and can be reclined flat to give your baby a place to nap. Your child will feel comfortable while sleeping in the Chicco Liteway. It is also perfect to use as a changing table when you are on the go. This fully reclining feature makes it easy to take even the smallest infant out for a ride in the fresh air. There is a leg bunting attachment that gives some extra security and warmth for sleeping babies when they are small (less than 7 months). This bunting stores under the leg rest, so you won’t lose it or leave it at home by mistake. You have it when you need it. Click here for details.

Shade Canopy

A small adjustable shade canopy comes on this stroller. It can be rotated all the way around to cover the front of the stroller to block the sun early in the morning or late in the afternoon. What a great idea! The canopy has a tinted window so that you can see your child and they can see you. The window doesn’t have a cover, however, and light will shine down to your child’s seat.

Extra conveniences

The Chicco Liteway has a lot of extra conveniences. Few umbrella strollers have a cup holder, but the Liteway has a handy parent cup holder. It does not have a tray for the child, however.
The stroller handles are at the right height for easy pushing for the average person. Some have complained that they hit the wheels when walking, but other people have no problems.

Safety Features

Safety is the most important point to look at when selecting a stroller. The Chicco Liteway has a thickly padded five-point harness. You can put it on your child quickly and it adjusts easily for a perfect fit. The snapping part is fully covered, so you cannot accidently pinch your child’s skin when you fasten the buckle. The Liteway has two shoulder height positions to accommodate your growing child. One main safety problem, common with many umbrella strollers, is that they can tip over if you hang too much on the handles. Of course, a parent should be careful not to overload the stroller, but accidents do happen. But with the Chicco Liteway, this is not a problem. This stroller is very stable. You can put a fully loaded diaper bag on the handles and it will not fall over even if the stroller is empty.


Another factor to look for when selecting a stroller is maneuverability. You will love how easy it is to steer. A customer wrote that she had to push it with one hand over a bumpy wooden bridge but had no problems with steering at all. The Liteway is so lightweight that it pushes with ease. Its narrow frame allows you to go through tight spots like store aisles or between parked cars. The stroller offers great suspension for a smooth ride. The rear wheels have brakes that you can lock with your toe and the front wheels swivel for precision handling. The front wheels can also be locked straight for riding over rough surfaces.

Extra Storage Basket

Chicco Liteway Stroller BasketOne unique feature of the Chicco Liteway is a small detachable storage basket that can also be used as a backpack. You can carry your child’s things on the stroller at first and then later carry them separately if you wish. There’s also some storage space on the bottom of the stroller and you can hang “unlimited” bags from the handles – just don’t overdo it.

Easy To Fold

Chicco Liteway Umbrella Stroller folded

Like most classic umbrella strollers, the Liteway is so easy to fold up. It locks automatically when you collapse it. You can close it with one hand and still hold the baby with the other. After it is folded, you can carry it by the handle like an umbrella. It also has a built-in shoulder strap, if you want to free up your hands. When closed, the Chicco Liteway is compact and takes up little room in your car trunk or in a closet. See current price.


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