Britax B-Ready 2012 Stroller

The addition of the B-Ready 2012 baby stroller sets Britax off to a great start this year. The 2012 stroller is a lot like the 2011 model with only a few minor changes. The changes were small, but the quality of this stroller has greatly improved. Britax actually listened to the customers and made the improvements that were suggested. What a novel idea for a company to follow!

Britax B-Ready 2012 Stroller Review

The B-Ready stroller, in Britax’s “B” line of strollers, is full-sized. It comes equipped with all of the desired safety features that parents usually look for when buying a new stroller. Two of the most important safety features that come standard on the B-Ready are a five point harness to hold your child securely, and an easy to use braking system. The B-Ready stroller is distinctive because it can be changed into 14 different combinations. It is compatible with most car seat brands. It can be quickly changed from a single stroller to a double stroller using car seat adapters. Click here to see the price for this baby stroller.

The B-Ready Stroller Combinations

The B-Ready can hold either one or two car seats at the same time. If you have more than one child, this stroller makes it even easier to take them all out together. The B-Ready is available in 7 beautiful colors including red, pink, green, black, silver, twilight, and Mediterranean.

Safety Features

It is important for a stroller to look great, but more important for it to be safe. This stroller has a strong frame and an advanced suspension system. You can be sure that your little child is protected whenever she is riding in this stroller. The B-Ready has a four point suspension system, great no matter what kind of terrain. Your child will have a safe, smooth ride whether you are just out for a stroll in the park or decide to climb a steep mountain trail. The B-Ready stroller rides smoothly on just about any surface.

The B-Ready 2012 comes equipped with seat belts and you need to use them every time you take your child out in the stroller to keep them from sliding down in the seat or falling out completely. All strollers should have seat belts, but some are not as safe as others. Some are hard to fasten or push together, or they come apart too easily letting your child take them off herself. The B-Ready stroller has a reflective five-point harness that can be easily adjusted to fit your child correctly without the need to re-thread the harness.
Brakes are probably the most important safety feature to have on a stroller. Pushing down on the rear lever activates the B-Ready braking system and locks both rear wheels to keep the stroller from rolling.

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Adjustable Handle and Seat of Britax B-Ready 2012

Britax B-Ready 2012 Stroller Adjustable Handle

On most stroller brands the handle is about waist-high on an average woman. But if you are a dad pushing the stroller, this may not be comfortable, especially if you are over 6 foot tall. This is one of the few strollers that I have found that has adjustable handles. On the B-Ready the handles adjust easily, allowing either parent to push the stroller comfortably.

An adjustable seat allows the stroller to fit the child as he grows. This seat not only adjusts but also reclines. You can make the seat face forward for older children or face towards you rear-facing for infants. If you are attaching a car seat, the infant car seat adapters make it a breeze to hook on the seat and also to take it off. The seat reclines in 3 different ways and the stroller can be set up in 14 different positions. It can be used with one or two seats, and one seat can be set up to hold an older child. The different combinations make this stroller useful for all types of families. You can easily set up the stroller so that both younger and older children can ride for awhile. This makes it easier to keep an eye on your children.

Adjustable Canopy

A stroller canopy is an important feature that keeps the rain, wind, and harmful UV rays from affecting and harming your child. The Britax B-Ready has an adjustable canopy and a rain cover for added protection. A ventilation window lets the fresh air get through.

Lots of Storage

BRITAX B-READY 2012 Folded


A large basket beneath the stroller is the perfect place to carry your diaper bag and shopping bags. You can add a blanket, toys, stuffed animals, and snacks for your child to bring along. The rain cover can be folded and stored in the basket for the next time that you need it.




Ages and weights

BRITAX B-READY 2012 Stroller review CLICK & GO explained

The stroller can be used from birth up to a child of about 55 pounds in weight. Don’t go over the 55 pounds weight limit. The B-Ready stroller can be used with the Chaperone Infant Car Seat and the CLICK & GO seat adapter. It is also compatible with other car seat brands such as the Graco Snugride 32 and 35, the Chicco Key Fit and Fit30, and the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio.


Complaints about Britax B-Ready 2012 Stroller

Some minor complaints have been noted about the B-Ready 2012 stroller. The foot rest is too short for older kids. A child of 4 or 5 years of age will have too long of legs for the foot rest to fit.
Another complaint was that it was a bit hard to attach the car seat to the stroller. This will be easier over time with more practice.

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