Britax B-Agile Stroller

It is well worth taking a look at our the Britax B-Agile stroller review if you are looking for a compact stroller. It’s a great compact stroller that is part of Britax’s “B” stroller line. The B-Agile has many features that make it a good stroller to buy for your child. The top reason to select this stroller is that it ranks highest in safety features, keeping your baby protected while she rides.

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The braking system is easy to use, and the five point safety harness holds your child firmly and securely. These are two of the most wanted safety features available in any stroller. The B-Agile stroller is part of Britax’s travel system, much like Britax’s B-Ready stroller. It’s compatible with the Britax Chaperone line of products and with the B-Safe child car seats with the “CLICK-AND-GO” feature. It also can be used with other top brands of car seats. This stroller is available in two smart colors, red and black. See it on Amazon

Adjustable Seat

It is important to have an adjustable seat for any age child. A baby cannot sleep comfortably sitting upright. That’s why the Britax B-Agile is made to fully recline. Your baby can nap peacefully while you get your exercise or do your shopping. Also the B-Agile can hold a car seat that has the CLICK-AND-GO adapter while in this reclined position. The padded headrest and seat add comfort to your child’s ride.

Padded Stroller Handle

The handle on the B-Agile cannot be adjusted. But the handle is well padded, providing a cushioned grip for your hands while on your daily walk through the neighborhood or through the local mall. See the price at Amazon.

Large Sheltering Canopy

Many parents do not think much about the canopy feature on a stroller, but it is actually the The B-AGILE Canopymost critical part, especially on a bright and sunny day. Babies cannot take too much sun. Their delicate skin sunburns easily. That’s why Britax made the B-Agile’s canopy extra-large for added protection. It has a mesh window for ventilation that blocks out all of the harmful sun rays. The canopy’s peek-a-boo window lets you watch over your child at all times. The canopy will shelter your child while she rides in comfort, looking at everything around her.

Safety That You Expect

Safety is the main factor to consider when selecting a stroller. All of Britax products are known for safety, and the B-Agile stroller is no exception.

This stroller can be used until the child is about 55 pounds in weight. It can hold your baby safely from the time that he is born by attaching a compatible child car seat. The B-Agile’s safety features include a five-point harness seatbelt system and an efficient braking system on the rear wheels. It makes you feel at peace because you know that your child will be safe all of the time that he is riding in this stroller. See price.

The important five-point harness system should be something that you look for when you are Britax-B-Agile-Stroller Padded Legsshopping for a stroller. The harness securely holds your child in his seat no matter what age he is and keeps him from slipping down in his seat or out completely. The harness adjusts to the size of your child and keeps his shoulders secure whether he is sitting or sleeping.

The rear wheel braking system engages and locks both of the rear wheels at the same time. Just press the rear wheel button down to lock the wheels, and lift it up again to release the brakes. This stroller will not roll away. You can let go of the handle and it stays right there. As a safety advocate and also a parent, I always lock the wheels when I stop and the stroller is not moving. It’s a good habit to get into and it relieves a little of your worry. See price.

The Britax B-Agile stroller is lightweight and lives up to its name in agility. It has a smart three wheel design and its superior suspension system allows you to maneuver well around all obstacles. It has a swiveling front wheel to allow you to steer through crowds and around objects. You can lock the swiveling front wheel when you are riding over bumpy surfaces like gravel or sand. There is a button on the front wheel to lock it by simply pressing it down. Your child will have a quiet ride because of the B-Agile’s great suspension system.

Cleaning is Easy

All kids are messy at times and being able to clean up easily is important. The fabric on the B-Agile stroller can be machine washed. It’s easy to remove, pop in the washer, and then the dryer. It’s also no trouble to get the cover back on properly.

Lots of Storage

There is a large basket underneath the stroller that is perfect for holding the diaper bag or a few of your child’s favorite toys. It will hold all you need for a day trip or just a quick trip to the mall.

Easy Fold and Storage

Britax B-Agile Stroller Fold

The B-Agile is lightweight and you can fold it up with just one hand. Just press the gray safety button on the frame of the stroller and pull on the handle that is located on the seat. It folds up in seconds. This stroller weighs about 16 pounds. It folds up small enough to fit easily in the trunk of your car. It doesn’t take up much space to store in your house. The dimensions of the stroller when it is folded are 22.75 inches wide, by 10 inches high, by 29 inches deepSee price.


The Britax B-Agile baby stroller comes with a limited two-year warranty. Its covers defective workmanship and materials for two years from your original purchase date. If you have any problem with your stroller, just call Britax’s customer service department and they should be able to help you.



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