BOB Revolution SE Stroller Review

Do you like the active outdoor life and want to share it with your child? Then the BOB Revolution SE is the ideal stroller for you. This stroller is designed for the active parent who loves hiking, jogging, and walking on trails.

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

Perhaps the best made jogging stroller available today, the BOB is tops in safety, and perfect for use every day. The front wheel swivel can be put in the lock position when taking your child on a walk, jog, or hike. This will keep you and your precious cargo safe and secure. This stylish stroller comes in navy, black, plum, or orange, and you can customize the BOB stroller with the numerous available accessories.

Safety First

Safety is the most important criteria when selecting a stroller for your child. The BOB Revolution will keep your baby as safe as can be at all times. This stroller is not recommended for an infant under 8 weeks old. It can hold up to a 70 pound child. Some of its safety features include a padded seat belt system with a five point harness, and a parking brake. Attached on the handlebar is a wrist strap, which can also be used for folding up the stroller.

All of the BOB jogging strollers are equipped with a five point harness. This harness works like a normal car seat belt, keeping your child safe at all times
An efficient braking system is the key to a good stroller. This one has foot controlled rear brakes. Just step on the red button to activate the brakes and lock the stroller. You don’t need or want a complicated braking system and this one is simple and easy to use.
All terrain wheels and a superior suspension system, that absorbs all bumps on any surface, come standard on this stroller. All of the wheels are air filled. There is a single 12 inch wheel in front and two 16 inch rear wheels. The front wheel can rotate for an easier and smoother ride, or can be set to not rotate for jogging and off road travel.

Seat and Handle Adjustment

The seat reclines to give your child a comfortable ride in all environments. It is well padded and the harness holds your child securely in place. You don’t have to worry about her slipping down too much or falling out. The reclining seat also works great for hooking up the BOB infant seat adapter. This is compatible with the Graco or Chicco brand car seats.
The handles of the stroller do not adjust. They are 40 inches high and should be about waist high for the average person.

Protective Canopy

The canopy can be adjusted into five positions. It protects your child against weather conditions and harmful UV rays. A window in the canopy lets you see your child at all times.


This stroller has lots of storage space. There is a large cargo basket beneath the stroller, and a big pocket on the back of the seat. This gives you enough room to carry a diaper bag, purse, snacks, water, and any other items that you need on your adventure. With these different pockets it is easy to keep your valuables safe.

Is BOB Revolution SE Stroller Easy to Clean?

You can clean the stroller fabric with a sponge, mild soap, and warm water. The fabric is NOT machine- washable. Also do not use laundry detergent.

Easy to Fold

This stroller is fairly lightweight, about 25 pounds. It is easy to fold and packs away in a small space (length 39 inches, height 16 inches). With the simple two step process, the stroller can be folded up in seconds.


The harness may be hard to adjust on a growing toddler. Some customers prefer the older models of BOB Revolution SE Stroller and do not like some of the new features.

Our Review of the BOB Revolution SE Stroller

The BOB Revolution SE is made for active parents who love hiking, and jogging.  It is a great way to share your love of the outdoors with your child, and is said to be the best jogging stroller for sale today.  It is sturdy and strong, and great for every day use.  The BOB is a very safe stroller; however, it is not for use with small infants younger than 8 weeks old.  It can carry a child up to 70 pounds in weight.  Safety features include a padded seat belt system with a five point harness, and an effective parking brake.  Its advanced suspension system and all terrain wheels give it an easy, smooth ride even on bumpy ground. It has a reclining seat and protective canopy for your baby’s comfort.    It has lots of storage under the seat and in a big back pocket.  It’s easy to clean and folds up to take less room in the closet or trunk of your car.  Overall BOB Revolution SE Stroller is a good stroller to buy if you plan to take your child on daily walks and get lots of healthy fresh air.

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