Baby Trend Snap N Go Single Stroller

What is so special about the Baby Trend SnapNGo? The Baby Trend SnapNGo Single Stroller is a great stroller in the classic design. It has a sleek frame, simple and clean. It converts your baby’s car seat into an easy to use stroller to get you and your baby where you want to go. This stroller is a safe, convenient, and sturdy way to move your baby without waking her up.

Baby Trend Single Snap N Go Stroller Baby Trend Snap N Go Single Stroller – a comprehensive review – the pros and cons!

Safe and Secure

Safety is the number one priority for the Baby Trend stroller. This stroller has many features for safety, including a safety harness that adjusts snugly around your car seat. It has foot-activated parking brakes on both back wheels. Also two anchors hold your car seat firmly in place. They reduce the turbulence when riding over rough ground.
The SnapNGo is well balanced and stable. It will not become unbalanced or tip over even when you hang a big diaper bag from the stroller’s handle bar. Only Baby Trend’s strollers have the JMPA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) safety certification.


This stroller is durable and strong even with heavy every day use. I used my Baby Trend SnapNGo Single Stroller every day with my first baby, and then lent it my friend who also needed a good stroller. When my second baby comes, I plan to reuse it again. This great stroller has not worn out yet.
Relationship Friendly
With a lot of strollers you can’t see your child well and they can’t see you. When we go on our walks, I want to share the experience with her and see what catches her eye. I feel that my baby is more secure in my presence. With the SnapNGo Stroller we can see each other. I can tell if she has fallen asleep. I can talk to her and point out things as we go on our walk. I love that this stroller is so “relationship friendly”.

Is Baby Trend Snap N Go Easy to clean?

The Baby Trend stroller is easy to clean and keep looking good as new. Just a simple baby wet wipe will do the job.


This stroller is very convenient. It folds flat, without taking much room in the car’s trunk. You can fold it using only one hand and can carry it even when holding other bags. It weighs only 14 pounds and is easy to push. You will appreciate how light it is!
The SnapNGo is very maneuverable. To increase its steering ability, the Baby Trend stroller has swivel front wheels so that you can change directions easily and smoothly.
The handle bar includes two cup holders (one for you and one for baby), and a closed tray for securely holding your keys, cell phone, and other items. The Baby Trend Snap N Go Single Stroller also has a roomy storage basket, many parents use it as a shopping cart when they take their child to the grocery.

The Bottom Line

The Baby Trend Snap N Go stroller changes the baby’s car seat into a stroller. This stroller is safe and sturdy. It has many safety features, including a safety harness and foot-activated parking brakes on the back wheels. Two anchors are used to hold the car seat firmly in place on the stroller frame. The SnapNGo is stable and well balanced. It will not tip over when you hang heavy bags on the handle bars. This stroller is durable, strong, and does not break down. You can pass it on to a friend or keep it to use for all of your children. The Baby Trend Snap N Go does not have a sun visor and so you can see your child and she can see you when you take her for a walk. This makes a walk a sharing time between the two of you. But be sure to put sunscreen on your child and add a hat or even sunglasses too. This stroller cleans up with just a wet wipe or paper towel. It is convenient and lightweight. It folds flat for easy storage. The SnapNGo’s swivel wheels make it extra maneuverable. It has a lot of storage including two cup holders, a closed tray for keys and cell phone, and a large under seat basket. The Baby Trend SnapNGo stroller needs to be joined with a compatible baby car seat. This allows the car seat to do double duty; in the car and as a stroller seat.

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