Baby Stroller Safety Tips for Parents

Stroller safety tips explainedMedia occasionally reports horrific incidents involving baby strollers and some of them are extremely scary for parents. There are incidents like the stroller accidentally rolling on the street to even worse incidents where it falls into a water body, but the most shocking truth is that most of these unwanted incidents can be avoided with basic stroller safety tips. Today it’s extremely difficult to buy a baby stroller without brakes, but if you come across one, avoid it like plague because brakes are the most basic safety feature, a stroller manufacturer can provide on their strollers.

How to Protect Your Baby from Dangers

Using Baby Stroller Brakes – What You Need to Know

Baby stroller breaks are highly effective in preventing strollers accidentally rolling downhill. Make it a practice to set the stroller brake whenever you have to take both your hands from it. However, it’s also important that you do not depend entirely on brakes because sometimes situation can go really bad and a stroller’s brake may not be simply good enough to prevent the stroller rolling on a steep incline. Understand that your stroller’s brake is not like your car’s handbrake and it should be used with caution. Never leave the stroller unattended in risky situations because as of 2011 alone, at least one stroller model is recalled by their manufacturer for faulty brakes.

Buckling Is Very Important – It Is Like Seatbelts!

Do not ever take a chance with your baby’s safety and buckling is one of them. You may be using the stroller only for a short distance, maybe just a few minutes, but do not use this as an excuse for not buckling up your baby. Buckling will help your baby to be relatively safe if the stroller accidentally rolls and hit the wall or overturns. Nobody wants their babies to meet with an accident, but you should also understand that accidents do happen and adequate preparation should be taken against it.

Inspecting Your Stroller Periodically

Another smart way to prevent your baby from dangers is to keep an eye on your baby stroller. Running periodic check on the stroller for broken components, free rotation of the wheels and proper brakes are very important because this will help you to identify any signs of trouble and necessary action can be taken immediately. It’s common for hair or plastic to get stuck between wheels and this can either block the rotation entirely or increase the wear and tear of wheels. It’s not very difficult to foresee a brake failure or accidents associated with the broken parts if your wheels are not freely turning.

Lubricating the wheels occasionally is a great idea to ensure its safety. When the stroller is not in use, apply the brakes and push the stroller to see if it’s providing sufficient resistance. If you can sense any signs of inefficiency, it’s time to get the brakes checked or replaced.

Keeping a close eye for any trouble and practicing these simple tips to ensure complete safety of your child. Also read our stroller choosing guide to learn more about strollers and buy the best stroller for your baby.


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