Angelcare AC1100 Video Baby Monitor

If you want the best baby monitor that money can buy, then you will want the Angelcare AC1100 Video Baby Monitor. It enables you to hear and see your baby, and also detects the baby’s movements with an advanced Sensor Pad that fastens securely under the crib mattress.  If you are concerned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDs), then the Angelcare Ac1100 Video Baby Monitor can offer you the assurance that you need to be sure of your child’s safety.

Angelcare AC1100 Video Baby Monitor

This special baby monitor offers optimum privacy, and its signal range reaches an incredible 650 feet. It picks up almost no interference thanks to its special digital frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. The Angelcare AC1100 has a 2.75″ color LCD touch screen, for high-tech technology with a fingertip. Available at Amazon, click to see price.
There are many baby monitors available today. You need more information to help you make the right purchase.  Here’s what you need to know about the Angelcare AC1100 Video Baby Monitor so read our comprehensive review:

Audio/Video Quality

The Angelcare AC1100 Video Baby Monitor uses digital 2.4GHz frequency hopping spread Angelcare-AC1100 Reviewspectrum technology. Many baby monitors get interference from nearby wireless devices.  But the Angelcare’s frequency hopping technology eliminates practically all interference.  The audio and video is clear, with no static or bleed-in from other devices. Your monitor’s signal is private and secure.  The monitor has over 60 channels and automatically picks the most protected channel.

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Easy setup

Angelcare AC1100 Under Mattress Sensor PadIt is easy to use the Angelcare AC1100 video baby monitor. Just fix the sensor pad securely under the mattress and point the camera unit towards the crib. The best way to attach the sensor pad is to buy a Masonite hardboard and have it cut to the dimensions of the crib. You should be able to buy and get the board cut to the exact size at any Do-It-Yourself or Hardware store.  Also Angelcare sells a Masonite board as an accessory to this monitor.  The sensor pad measures 11 in. by 11 in. (28cmx28cm), so the board must be at least that large.  Put the board in the bottom of the crib or on top of the springs.  Attach the sensor pad to the board with cords tied away from the reach of baby’s little fingers.Angelcare AC1100 Video Monitor Sensor Pad  The mattress then goes on top.

The Angelcare Sensor Pad works on all mattresses except hollow frame mattresses and memory foam. Once in place, test out the sensor pad.
The camera comes with a peg prop so that it can be set up on the bureau or a shelf. Angelcare also makes a compatible tripod for a better view of your little angel.
Now use the LCD touch screen to adjust the settings like volume control, vibration alert, sensor pad sensitivity, talk back feature, and voice activation.  You can also operate the ‘rotate and zoom’ function of the camera from the touch screen.

Portability of Angelcare AC1100

The parent unit is portable.  It’s a good size and can be hand-held, or hooked onto your waistband or belt with an attached clip.  It also has a wide base and will stand straight up on a flat surface.  You can take it with you and set it up in any room while you work.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Angelcare Video Baby Monitor:

The Angelcare AC1100 video baby monitor is 3 monitors in 1.  You can see and hear your baby with crystal clear picture and sound.  The sensor pad monitors your child and an alarm will sound if no movement is detected in 20 seconds. If you are a parent concerned about SIDs, this feature can ease your fears and set your mind at rest. The sensitivity can be adjusted depending on how your child sleeps, to avoid false alarms.
The digital video monitor is practically interference free and has a range of 650 feet.  The LCD color touch screen provides ease of use and state-of-the-art technology.

Cons of Angelcare Video Baby Monitor:

The only concern reported about the Angelcare AC1100 is that the camera doesn’t give good picture quality when it is pointed at a downward angle.  Purchasing the Angelcare camera tripod solves this problem. Also this model only supports one camera.

Main Features of Angelcare AC1100:

  • A complete 3 in 1 monitor
  • 2.75” color LCD touch screen
  • Sound and movement detection
  • 2.4 GHz digital transmission and frequency hopping technology
  • Infrared night vision
  • NiMH rechargeable batteries

Our Review of Angelcare AC1100 Video Baby Monitor

The Angelcare AC1100 is expensive and if you add the board and the camera tripod the price goes up more. But the cost is worth it for your baby’s safety. No other baby monitor offers what this unique audio, video, and movement monitor offers. The Angelcare AC1100 is well worth the money and is the baby monitor that we highly recommend.

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