Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor

A 2.4-inch color high-resolution screen comes with the Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor. It automatically switches to infrared night vision when it gets dark.  So with this monitor, you have a crystal clear view of your precious little one day or night.

This digital monitor scans over its 18 channels finding a private and secure signal, free of interference. The 490-foot signal range (with a clear line of sight) is very good for the price.  However, the signal range is considerably less when there are walls or doors between the baby monitor and the parent unit. Available at Amazon, click to see price..

Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor

Other excellent features of the Philips Advent monitor are the automatic screen activation and sound lights.  It also plays lullabies and doubles as a nightlight. The parent unit is rechargeable.  This baby monitor has a two year extended warranty.
With all of the baby monitors available today, you want some assurance that you are buying the best one for your baby and for you. Here are some more facts about the Philips ADVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor to help you make an informed decision.

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Audio and Video Quality

The Philips AVENT baby monitor’s 2.4″ high-resolution color screen gives a good quality static free picture in daylight and automatically switches to infrared night vision when it becomes dark so that you can see your baby clearly.
Its 2.4GHz frequency band scans over 18 channels to select for you the most private interference free signal available.  Many customers have praised the Philips AVENT Baby Monitor for its great picture, good sound quality, and a signal without interference.

The level of sound in the baby’s room is continuously monitored by the parental unit. When in screen activation mode, the video switches off for power conservation when the baby is quiet.  It quickly switches back on when a sound is picked up by the baby unit.

Is it Easy to setup?

The Philips AVENT baby monitor is quite easy to use.  A complete instruction manual plus a quick start guide come with the monitor.  It’s truly a simple setup.  Just plug in, turn on, and it’s ready to go.
Set the camera up on a flat surface such as a shelf or table at least three feet from the baby’s crib. The camera can be hooked onto a tripod for an improved angle of viewing.
The monitor’s features are easily accessed.  You can play lullabies, control the camera movement, and adjust volume and brightness all with a press of a button.  When the parental unit goes out of range from the baby monitor, the parent unit will beep; show the “out of range” message on the display screen, and the “Link” light will flash red. This Link light shows you when you and your child are connected.

Along with the voice activating feature, sound level lights will show you any activity in the baby’s room.   No lights showing means that no noise is being picked up.  When the baby cries or makes a noise, the green sound lights show on the parent’s unit. The louder the baby cries, the more lights turn on. The sound level lights are also used when the volume is low or muted on the parent unit, and when the screen activation mode is on.

Portability of the Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor

The Philips AVENT Digital Baby Monitor is completely portable.  It has a belt clip that attaches to your waistband or belt.  It also has a table stand for your convenience.  One customer commented that the monitor was too large and awkward to fit in a pocket or hang on a belt, but most customers think that this monitor is easy to carry and has the perfect size picture on which to watch their child.

Pros & Cons

The Good

The Philips AVENT has a nice sized 2.4 inch screen with a good color picture for day use and automatic infrared night vision for a clear black and white picture at night.  This model has voice activation, a nightlight, and plays lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep.  Because of its 2.4GHz digital transmission, the video and audio picks up very little interference. The signal range is great at up to 490 feet in a clear line of sight.  The ‘out of range’ alert signal lets you know if you have gone out of range of the unit.
It has an adjustable camera which moves left, right, down, and up.  You can also attach it to a tripod for an improved angle of view.
The battery life is good, lasting from 5-6 hours.

The Bad

There have been some complaints that this model has inconsistent audio quality and that it causes interference with some Wi-Fi networks.  Some monitors seem to be super sensitive, picking up just a whisper.  However, some parents have complained that the Philips AVENT Video Baby Monitor screen does not reactivate quickly even when the baby is crying loudly.  This inconsistency in the audio features could prove to be problematic.

The camera cannot be mounted on the wall. The camera fits in a magnetic base which you can put onto any flat surface and the camera can be swiveled around remotely.  But if you try to point downwards, the base blocks the view.   Using the camera tripod is really the only way to get a good view of your baby.

The signal range is also inconsistent. The baby monitor claims to reach nearly 500 feet, but for many people it does not reach nearly this far.
This system cannot be expanded to link to more than one camera.  Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor also does not have the talk-back feature.  Other similarly priced monitors like Motorola MBP36 and Motorola MBP33 have both of these features.

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