Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT Basic Baby Monitor with DECT Technology ReviewThe Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor is a wonderful device that helps you keep an eye on your baby when you are away from the nursery. The 100% digital technology of the baby monitor and the wireless technology, DECT, results in a no-interference and full range communication between you and your baby. The ‘Talk Back’ feature allows you to talk to your toddler and soothe him, while being in another room. The Nightlight feature helps your baby stay calm during the night and also ensures that you can see what your child is up to in the monitor.

Product Specifications:

The 8 x 6 x 3 inches baby monitor weighs barely a pound, and is easy to carry around. It comes with a digital backdrop and efficient wireless service that promotes a ‘no interference’ contact with your baby at all times, no matter which part of the house you are. The unit comes replete with lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged at will using an electric source, a Parent Unit Detector, and an LED screen command. There are Voice Detectors and Nightlight options to help you look after your child while not being physically present in the same room.

The Pros of the Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor

  • The baby monitor comes replete with a portable, belted parent unit that you can keep strapped to yourself at all times. The wireless range of the digital monitor is more than 1500 feet, letting you comfortably keep an eye on your baby, when you are away in a different room.
  • The lithium-ion batteries are capable of functioning for over 24 hours, once they are charged for 8 hours. The moment the battery is low, or the monitor needs to be plugged to an electric source, the parent unit has an alarm system that will alert you.
  • The DECT band that services the baby monitor is very seldom disrupted, giving you a minimal interference range. Thus, you can be assured of your child’s whereabouts with no discrepancies.
  • The audio of the baby monitor can pick up every slight sound that your baby makes in his room. You can thus, hear his moans, whimpers, cries, cooing and other noise. The audio also senses the noise frequency in your room and makes itself heard with clarity. You can thus hear the audio by the baby monitor in spite of the din in your room.
  • The Audible Alert lets you know if your baby is crying or is in a state of discomfort. You also have alarm signals going on if there is an unusual noise detected in your child’s room.
  • Your baby can hear your voice and soothing caresses on the Talk Back feature that the baby monitor consists. The nightlight can be switched on to keep the ambience calm and peaceful when your child sleeps during the nights.

The Cons of the Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor

While this baby monitor is a great gadget to have with many excellent features, it is a bit expensive for a one parent unit device. At the price Philips charges, a two-fold parent unit would be nicer. Plus, there are audio problems on the parent unit at times when the voice over’s do not reach your child, and give him the soothing he needs to quit crying.

All in all, the Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor is a great device to have, especially if you are too busy to personally care for your baby. You can rest assured knowing that he is safe in the house, with the baby monitor letting you keep track of all his movements.

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