Best Video Monitor: Motorola MBP36

Motorola MBP36 is one of the best and top-rated video monitor with lots of amazing features that is perfect for any parents. It is a high-end baby monitor with a higher price than others but as you read our Motorola MB36 review you will understand why this wonderful baby monitor is worth the money.

Motorola MBP36 Video Monitor

Digital baby monitors come in a wide variety of types and prices and every parent comes to find out a good one when they want to watch their baby remotely. The proper use of a baby cam can make your daily activities at home with your baby much easier and can give you peace of mind when you move around your house while your little one sleeps.

In this Motorola MBP36 review I will try to cover as much as possible so you will have an idea what MBP36 is capable of and if it is suitable for you. Click here to see the price.

Range of Motorola MBP36

Motorola MBP36 use digital wireless communication with added security features, so there is no interference and privacy issues and it has a great range. Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Monitor has a range of up to 200 meters with an out of range warning. If you are too far away from the nursery and the parent unit can not receive signal the video display will go off with a message “No Signal” and it will beep every 5 seconds so you can move closer to the baby unit to receive a good signal again.

Motorola MBP36 Night Vision


The MBP36 has eight infrared LEDs for picking up clear video without any lights so you don’t disturb the little baby while he or she is sleeping. The darkness sensor on the baby unit detects the level of ambient light and the LEDs will automatically turn on to provide best images with night vision mode, on its large 3.5-inch color screen with full resolution. Of course, do not expect to get color images with night vision; it is black and white but really clear.

Note: MBP36 has a 3.5-inch large color LCD screen which is the biggest among the MBP20, and MBP33.

Audio Quality and Sound Sensitivity


Audio quality and sound sensitivity is the most important thing when selecting a baby monitor even it is a video monitor. The sound sensitivity on the Motorola MBP36 is amazing and lets you hear every little sound your baby makes. You can even hear the breathing of your little one while she sleeps since the microphone is very sensitive and clear, it really picks up any sound your baby might make.

Moreover, the MBP36 comes with a great feature called the interactive sleep mode function, the unit deactivates when your baby is quite or asleep for a while (which is adjustable) and activates again if it detects any sound to extend battery life.

How to Mount Motorola MBP36

The Mbp36 can be wall mounted easily; just put a screw in the wall to place the camera away from the crib so there will be no wires near to your baby. Panning and tilting are most usable when MBP36 is wall-mounted. Click here to see the price.

Other Cool Features of MBP36

There are several other handy features on Motorola MBP36 that parents like. One of them is two-way intercom function with that allows you to speak directly to your baby or your partner at the nursery.

The sound level on Motorola MBP36 is adjustable, you can adjust the volume up loud to hear every little noise or put the volume down low to only wake when your baby cries loudly. With the visual sound indicator, you can see loudness of the baby’s cry from the light indicator on top. The parent unit also shows you the nursery temperature to ensure that it is not too cold or hot for your baby.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor

This video monitor shows you every inch of the nursery with its pan, tilt, and zoom feature. The pan and tilt can be controlled remotely and it is very silent. Motorola MBP36 parent unit uses a rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack.

Main Features

  • 3.5-inch TFT Color LCD Screen
  • 2.4GHz to 2.48GHz Operating Frequency
  • Extended secure wireless range (450Ft)
  • Infrared Night vision camera
  • Lullaby player
  • Belt clip
  • Sound-activated lights
  • Temperature indicator
  • Out of Range alert
  • Sleep mode and audio-only battery saver
  • Ni-MH Rechargeable battery pack

With its intuitive and easy to use design with great picture and sound quality Motorola MBP36 is a really great baby monitor. I would really recommend this to parents who are looking for a good video monitor. Click here to see the price.

Motorola MBP33 or MBP36 – Which is best?

The Motorola MBP33 has a smaller 2.8-inch display and its camera does not have zoom, tilt, or pan feature. Some customers thought that the MBP33’s 2.8-inch screen was an easier to handle size and that all of the added camera features were not necessary.  Also, the MBP33 is about $50 cheaper than the MBP36.  Both are excellent baby monitors.  You cannot go wrong with either of them.

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