Lorex Video Baby Monitor

The Lorex Video Baby Monitor is a slender, compact, easily portable, and a suave product that lets you snap pictures of your baby, record videos, and ‘Talk to Your Baby’ through the wireless monitor when you are in a different room. The Baby Monitor comes in ethereal white colors, has an inbuilt camera, an LCD monitor allowing sharp resolution effects and minimum blurring, and lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged. You can save up to 4000 pictures, watch your baby even at night using the ‘Automatic Night Vision’ and have wireless connectivity for up to 450 feet. What more can you possibly want from a baby monitoring device?

Product Specifications:

Dimensioned at around 8 x 2.8 x 5.5 inches, weighing around 1 pound, the Lorex Baby Video Baby Monitor is a portable device with intrinsic ‘snap’ abilities, great memory, a 2.4 inch LCD display for clear viewing, absolutely no interference and great wireless connectivity for up to 450 feet. You can see what your tiny tot is up to when you aren’t around in the same room, with the ‘Automatic Night Vision’ and ‘Talk to Your Baby’ features.

The Lorex Video Baby Monitor Benefits:

  • The compact size of the Monitor lets you carry the pocket-sized device around with no complications. You can even use it outdoors with élan and capture your toddler’s delightful antics at the park.
  • You can talk to your little one with just one click on your baby monitor. The wireless digital technology ensures that you have no interference problems and effectively soothes your tiny tot when you’re not around with him in the same room.
  • The baby monitor can function superbly well as a camera. It has a one-touch snap shot recording service which lets you capture your toddler and his various moods. You can even transfer them easily to your PC and share them online.
  • There are many options to view photos on the baby monitor. The 2.4 inch LCD display can effectively display images in the Night Mode, Portrait Mode, Scan Mode, and Snap Shot Mode amongst others.
  • You no longer have to remain with your baby throughout the night worrying about his cries and tantrums. The Night Vision and Sound Activated Alerts make sure you are aware of all the sounds in your baby’s room, with alarms buzzing when crying or whimpering is detected.
  • The baby monitor features a power saving mode to decrease energy consumption when the monitor is not in use. This helps in keeping earth green, to an extent.

The Cons of the Lorex Video Baby Monitor

Though the baby monitor can effectively watch over your baby for you, it does feature a few minor negatives as well.

  • While you don’t really use a baby monitor to click snaps, a 3 megapixel camera is certainly unacceptable with the product. The images you click are not high quality and can definitely not be shared online. A higher quality camera would be a huge plus.
  • There are customer care support issues reported by many customers online. Prompt and responsive customer support would be a benefit.

Nevertheless, the Lorex Video Baby Monitor is a great product to have and watch over your baby. For now, don’t count the camera and the shoddy tech support, and you’ve got an ultimate marvel in your hands.

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