iPhone Baby Monitor With Y-Cam Wifi Webcam Review

Baby monitor: Ipone Y-cam reviewiPhone Baby Monitor Review – Let’s admit it; most manufacturers consider the baby products industry as a lucrative one because they know that parents are ready to pay anything to protect their baby. Just look at the baby wet wipes that can go anywhere from one dollar a box up to $20 or even more, depending on the ‘special qualities’ these products offer. In most cases, it’s more likely that the products are basically the same except for one or two minor differences, but the company is charging a premium for that. This is the same with baby surveillance camera systems as well. See it on Amazon.

Y-cam baby monitor cameraThere are quite a few surveillance camera systems exclusively targeting the parents, but if you compare them with an IP-based surveillance system, you’ll notice that even the top-end models offer shoddy quality and they do not perform as good as an IP camera that cost you much lesser. However, the Y-Cam WiFi Webcam for iPhones is here to make a difference. The first thing you’ll notice about this sophisticated camera system is its affordable pricing. Another great advantage of iPhone Y-Cam WiFi is that you do not need to install a monitoring system anywhere but your iPhone doubles as a surveillance system. See the price.

Y-Cam WiFi For iPhones – Our Impression

Considering the fact most iPhone users are inclined to technology, the Y-Cam may not be hard to set up but for the average Joe with regular technical knowledge, it can be a little complex compared to regular monitoring systems. However, people still go ahead and buy it because you can monitor your baby from anywhere, a privilege that most security cameras do not offer. Before you buy this cam, beware of the fact that it’s designed targeting those that allow some technical challenge. If you’re not up for it, you will find it incredibly difficult to install the camera.

However, once the installation is done you can monitor your baby not only from the iPhone but a laptop or your favorite coffee shop’s wi-fi system can double up as a monitor. The camera uses LED bulbs for nighttime mission and images are clearly visible up to 50 feet. Although the video quality of this product is excellent, its audio will not live up to the expectations, and for that matter, this is not a replacement for the traditional baby monitoring system.

However, the joy of watching your baby and keeping an eye on her even if you are traveling certainly makes its existence worthwhile. This should not be used as your primary monitor because it not only has poor audio quality but also the battery life of your iPhone can quickly decrease as Y-Cam tends to consume a lot of power. However, if you’re one of those people that love some technical challenge and want something extra to your traditional baby monitoring system, the Y-Cam WiFi is a fantastic choice. If you think it’s time to get tech-y, go ahead and get your camera system as soon as possible, but be prepared to roll your sleeves.

Additional Camera Support

You can add extra cameras to watch multiple rooms. With Baby Monitor HD application you can connect up to 4 Y-cam cameras with your iPhone or iPad.

Range of iPhone Baby Monitor With Y-Cam Wifi Webcam

You can view your baby from anywhere if you have an internet connection, so the sky is the limit. About the wifi range, the distance from your router to the Y-cam webcam, it is not great, it will hardly operate effectively though 3 walls, so it is not as good as MBP36.

How to access the Y-Cam Baby Monitor from your iPhone or iPad

If you use the BabyMonitor HD app, accessing the Y-cam will be easier and you will get the feel of a real video baby monitor. The free Y-cam applications for both Android and iOs are not as reliable as the BabyMonitor HD app.

Configuring the app is easy; just enter your DDNS URL, the port number, and your Y-cam username and password to connect to your cool baby monitor.


  • Sound quality is poor, and sound quality is the most important thing to look for in a baby monitor
  • Short battery life of  iPhone is an issue
  • The original application is very unreliable, but you can spend $10 on the BabyMonitor HD application, which is great and easy to use.


  • Great video quality
  • Infrared night vision is close to perfect
  • Larger screen size on your laptop or iPad is a plus
  • You can watch your baby from anywhere in the world, forget about the limits. See the price.


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