Infant Optics Digital Video Baby Monitor

The Infant Optics Digital Video Baby Monitor is low in price, but has the features found in more expensive brands.   It is portable and compact.  It has a 2.4″ TFT high high-resolutionr screen, with digital frequency hopping technology and a remarkable 800-foot signal range, longer than many of the more expensive models. The Infant Optics Digital Video Baby Monitor also has features such as voice activation and auto mute for energy saving.

Infant Optics Digital Video Baby Monitor
Infant Optics Digital Video Baby Monitor

The camera has 8 infrared LEDs giving you black and white automatic night vision. The camera has a range of 10 feet and can be wall-mounted giving you a better angle to view your precious little one.  Three additional cameras can also be hooked up for views from different angles. Available at Amazon, click to see price.

This baby monitor has received customer praise on ease of use, audio and video quality, long battery life and even friendly and helpful customer service.  The Infant Optics Digital video baby monitor is a great value and very good monitor for the price.

Video and Audio Quality

The 2.4″ TFT color screen lets you really see your baby.  Other monitors, for the same priceInfant Optics Video Baby Monitor Review Range of 800 feet or with the same sized monitors, do not have the frequency hopping technology for an interference free signal. The Infant Optics Digital monitor has an astounding 800 feet signal range with clear line of sight (no obstructions), and approximately 250 feet when there are obstructions such as interior walls or doors. This is much higher than even the most expensive monitors, whose signal range is usually only 650 feet when unobstructed.

The data encryption and frequency hopping technology give a secure and interference-free signal.  No one else can pick up or intercept your audio and video feed.    This is important because you don’t want a stranger looking at your child or listening in on your conversations.

Ease of Setup and Use

Infant Optics Digital Video Baby Monitor Setup, Ease of useThe Infant Optics Digital Video Baby monitor is easy to set up and easy to operate.  It is a simple plug in and play system.  The parent unit has a volume control button on the right side and a picture brightness control on the left.  The front of the unit has the power, charge, and signal LED buttons, the pairing button, and the power button.
The monitor has a built-in voice activation feature.  It goes into standby mode when all is quiet and turns off for energy conservation.   When it detects sounds at 65 decibels (normal conversation level), the voice activating system automatically turns the screen back on.
The camera unit can be mounted on the wall (angle up to 90 degrees), giving you a clearer view looking down at your baby from above.


The parental unit, made of lightweight plastic, is compact and really easy to carry.  The viewing screen has a hand strap for easy portability.  It also has a clip or stand on the back of the unit so that it can be set up on any flat surface or hooked on your belt or waistband.

Infant Optics Additional Camera Add-ons

Infant Optics add-on Camera

The Infant Optics digital video baby monitor can expand as your family grows.  It can support up to three additional cameras.  The Infant Optics additional camera package comes with mounting screws and a power adapter.  It also has 24/7 technical support for the life of the camera and a 1-year warranty. Available at Amazon, click to see price.


Pros and Cons


According to customer reviews, the Infant Optics digital video baby monitor is enormously popular. Its price makes it an excellent value.  It may not have many fancy special features, but it has what parents want.  It has digital frequency hopping technology for a secure and interference free signal, a 2.4″ screen, night vision, and the voice activation feature.  This monitor has an exceptional signal range up to about 800 feet, and three extra cameras can be added on for viewing in multiple rooms.
Many baby monitors have a low battery life problem, but the Infant Optics monitor has exceptional battery life, lasting much longer than the others.  Infant Optics has also been rated very high in customer service.  Most companies score poorly in customer service, but Infant Optics seems to really care about its customers’ needs and problems.


Complaints on this monitor have been about audio sensitivity and the voice activating element.  When the unit is in voice activated mode, it beeps every once in a while telling you that it is in its power conservation mode.   That can be very irritating.

What’s in the Box

Here are the things you will find in the box when you buy the Infant Optics Digital Video Baby Infant Optics Box ContentMonitor:

  • 1 x Parent Unit
  • 1 x Camera Unit
  • 1 x Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for Monitor Unit
  • 2 x mounting Screws for Camera Unit
  • 1 x Upright Mount Stand
  • 1 x Hand Strap
  • 2 x A/C Adapters
  • 1 x Safety Warning
  • 1 x User’s Manual
  • 1 year warranty

Our Final Words

The Infant Optics Digital Baby Monitor gives you more than your money’s worth.  For a low price you get an 800 foot signal range and digital frequency hopping technology.  You also get night vision, portability, power conservation, and the capability of adding up to three additional cameras.  For the price, this may be the best baby monitor on the market today.

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