Are Baby monitors Dangerous?

Are Baby monitors Dangerous?Being able to listen for your baby remotely while is a great thing and baby monitors give new parents a chance to complete daily chores like preparing meals, sweeping, vacuuming or washing dishes. But many moms and dads wondering if baby monitors can do harm to their babies. While it is true that the exact health risks of baby monitors or mobile phones have yet to be confirmed by experts, it is also true that radiation can be highly dangerous.
As we all know, babies may be more vulnerable to any form of RF energy, such as that generated by wireless phones and to a degree baby monitors since their skin is thinner and skulls are not completely formed, leaving their brains more vulnerable to radiation exposure.

There are ongoing discussions regarding the safety of baby monitors, which use wireless communication in their link between the parent and baby unit. What what’s the truth?
Many baby monitor manufactures states that the radiation/emission of baby monitors is not dangerous to children since the level of electro-smog is 10,000 times lower than internationally accepted safety norms. But they also state that for total peace of mind, placing the baby monitor at least 10 feet away from the crib or baby is best.
It makes sense since the RF power drops off exponentially the further your baby is from the transmitter unit. That is if you double the distance of the baby monitor from your baby, the level of electromagnetic power will be reduced by a factor of 4.

So if you are concerned about the safety;

  • It is better to keep the baby monitor as far from your child as possible.
  • Do not forget, the RF power drops off exponentially, so even doubling the distance reduces the electromagnetic radiation by a factor of 4.
  • You should only use your baby monitor if it is an absolute necessity.
  • Today many electronics device emit RF energy so use as few electronic devices in your home as possible and keep them as far from your baby as possible.



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