Airbags Can Harm Children in Car Seats

Today many modern vehicles are coming with standard front airbags. Airbags are designed to prevent contacts to your head and frontal body in case of a collision.
The airbags are really provide extra safety for adults but children under 14 are advised to stay in the back seat this is because airbags are potentially dangerous for children.

The airbags are designed to inflate extremely quickly to cushion the body and this firing speed is what makes them dangerous for younger children. When an airbag inflates it pushes back against your body with a great deal of force. Adults are less at risk, because they are usually in a good posture in the front seat and also have stronger spinal cord On the other hand children are more likely to lean forward and their spinal cord is weaker which make the airbags more likely to harm them during a collision.
Car seats on the front seat increase this risk and infant car seats on the front with rear facing position increase risk even further. If the car seat is in the front with rear faced position, this means that the kid in seat is directly in front of the airbag, which makes child more likely to receive the full force of the airbag force.
Children under 2 should always be in the back seat under any circumstances because of the risk posed to rear facing car seats.
If your car does not have backs seats or you must install the car seat in the front because the back seats are occupied with other car seats:

  • Make sure that the car seat straps, harness are as tight as possible.
  • Move the seat as far back as it can go in your car.
  • Turn off the passenger’s side airbag if possible. (Ask a local expert)


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