A Complete Guide on How to Shop for a Video Baby Monitor

For the average parent who wants to buy a video baby monitor, the options are not just one or two but the market is flooded with hundreds of models that can be used with no clue on which one to choose for your home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a video or audio monitor; there are some basic things to consider in a baby monitor. These things are very important and can guide you in the right direction.

Baby Video Monitors - A Complete guide

Video Baby Monitors and Decision Making Factors

Frequency Band

Frequency band is often taken lightly by millions but this can lead to trouble. It’s not uncommon for a video baby monitor to interfere with the frequency of your cordless phone but this can be avoided by choosing a baby monitor that does not have a frequency range close to your cordless phone system.

Battery Life

The sole purpose of the existence of a video baby monitoring system can be questioned if the device has poor battery life. For instance, if the device is meant for installing on a remote location where a direct power supply can’t be set up, you need a significant battery life so that the device can operate without frequent recharging. Make sure that your video baby monitor system can handle long operations, even in your absence. This is very important for a monitoring system to serve its purpose.


Choosing the right range for your baby monitor depends upon the size of your home and your applications. For the regular sized homes, almost all baby monitors are sufficient but if you have a larger house and require wider range, you need to choose a video monitoring system that can ensure such surveillance.

Significance of Audio Quality

The audio quality of baby monitors is significant because it is not possible to constantly keep an eye on the video screen. Many parents ignore the significance of audio quality and do not get notified if something unusual goes on. However, installing a video baby monitor with a very good sound system can resolve this problem to a large extent.

Muti-Room Monitoring

Multi room monitoring is not a necessary option for most parents but some parents do require this option as they have more than one baby to monitor. There are only a few manufacturers that have multi room monitoring systems, so your options are limited. Some parents install two different monitors in each room but make sure that they are of different frequencies or else you will hear annoying sounds from the receivers. See our Motorola MBP33 review, up to 4 additional cameras can be added to it to monitor many rooms at once.

Handheld Unit and Screen Size

The handheld unit of video baby monitors helps parents to monitor their babies from a distance but make sure that the screen is large enough to clearly see what’s going on.

Night Vision Sensors

Today, most monitoring systems offers night vision sensors but some of them only covers a few feet. There are some night vision monitors that cover-up to 50 feet or even more. Make your choice based on your room size.

Indicators and Their Importance

Two most important indicators for baby monitors are the low battery indicator and the out of range indicator. These are very critical for ensuring the safety of the child.

Top Video Baby Monitors

Best Video Baby Monitors
Our Rank >> #1 #2 #3 #4
 Product Image  Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor  Motorola MBP33 Digital Video Baby Monitor  iPhone Baby Monitor with Y-cam Wifi Webcam Angelcare AC1100 Video Monitor, Movement, and Sound
Name Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby MonitorRead Review Motorola MBP33 Digital Video Baby MonitorRead Review iPhone Baby Monitor with Y-cam Wifi WebcamRead Review Angelcare Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby MonitorRead Review
Our Score        
Pros Large 3.5″ LCD, great video monitor with many useful features, easy-to-use, superb range, comes with remote pan, tilt and zoom feature, crystal clear sound and video, large LCD, up to 4 cameras Great video monitor with many useful features, superb range, crystal clear sound and video, easy-to-use, up to 4 cameras If you want to forget about baby monitor range, this is your video monitor, you can watch baby from your iPhone, or any place in the world, video quality is great, you calso use it as a surveillance system or webcam A complete video baby monitor with many features, crystal clear sound quality, movement monitor
Cons No sound activation feature, no way to adjust the sensitivity of LED alerts for noise level indicator Display is small (2.8″), no sound activation feature, no way to adjust the sensitivity of LED alerts for noise level indicator, no remote pan/tilt feature Installation procudere is a little harder than classic video baby monitors,  poor sound quality Very small screen and image quality is not great, no remote pan/tilt, you cannot connect any additional camera
Review Summary Best video baby monitor, we highly recommend it A great video monitor at really good price If you want to see and show your baby everywhere and anytime on your iPhone, this is for you Maybe the video quality and the range are not the best but if you want a complete baby monitor with movement sensor, it is still a great product
Customer Score 4/5 4/5 3/5 4/5
Screen Size 3.5″ color screen 2.8″ color screen 640×480 VGA 2.75″ color screen
Communication Technology 2.4 GHz FHSS 2.4 GHz FHSS Wifi 2.4 GHz Digital
Movement Monitor Yes
Sound Activation Feature Yes, with adjustable sensitivity Yes, with adjustable sensitivity
Manufacturer’s Claimed Range 650 ft 650 ft unlimited, everywhere 655 feet
Battery Life (hr) 8 9 6
Maximum Cameras Supported 4 4 4 1
 Two Way Communication Yes Yes Yes Yes


Shopping Tips For Video Baby Monitors

The list of features mentioned above are essential to determine the quality of the baby monitor, but there are a few things that you can keep in mind when shopping for one. To begin with, digital monitors have an advantage over analogy monitors because the former encrypted data show that someone else with a device of same radio frequency will not receive the visuals and audio files from your home. This is very important for you and your child’s safety.

Before shopping for a baby monitor, you should note down the frequency of every wireless device in your home ranging from the wireless router, wireless speaker systems, cordless phones and security cameras, if you already have one. The easiest method is to buy a baby monitor with different frequency, but if you can’t find one, consult your store to set them up in such a way that they don’t interfere in the radio frequency of other devices.

Always go through the warranty and return policy of the product you’re shopping because usually a warranty policy has many catches that buyers tend to ignore. Do not let the customer care executive of your monitoring system surprise you with many process that you do not know.

Safety Tips for Baby Video Monitors

As ironic as it sounds, sometimes baby monitors can harm your baby and even cause death. For instance, the United States has reported at least 6 deaths since 2002 where the culprit was the cords of baby monitor. Always keep the cords away from your baby and there should not be even a minor chance for them to access the cord.

Some monitors come with motion sensors, which leave parents in peace of mind, but such systems may not work always. Keep an eye on the monitoring system and whenever you get an alarm, go and personally check your baby instead of completely depending on the baby monitoring system.

These are some of the very important things you need to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a baby monitor. You should always give importance to the quality of the product over price but never invest in very expensive products because digital technology changes every day, so your baby monitor most likely is not going to be an investment even if you are planning to have babies in future. By the time of your next child’s birth, the technology might get changed dramatically and your system may be outdated.

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